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Beckett Deep Dive: Learn about the cap construction

Hi there, Wig Lover! This is a "deep dive" into the cap of one of our indie name brand creations for the Wigs Forever and CysterWigs Limited Line. This is a behind-the-scenes blog coming directly from me -- Heather, the designer of these wigs -- so you can learn about the decisions made and what goes into making them. Let's dive right in!

Note: None of the images in this article have been filtered, blurred, or Photoshopped.

This is Beckett by Wigs Forever in Moonlit Orchid-R

This is Beckett by Wigs Forever seen in the color Moonlit Orchid Rooted. It took nearly two years to develop a monofilament part / lace front wig that could match the high standards of what I personally look for in my premium medical prosthetic wigs and hair pieces. Beckett is the first wig with this cap construction that I approved and chose to release from my Wigs Forever line because it's beautiful! I wish there were a more marketing jargon approved way of saying it, but the truth is that Beckett is just super pretty and I wanted to make it in a bunch of colors as soon as I saw the finished prototype!

Most of the images in this blog post are going to feature my actual intake photos from that prototype, which is in Mermaid Kisses Rooted (below).

Images of the original Beckett prototype in Mermaid Kisses Rooted

If you're a fan of our YouTube channel, you may recognize this makeup and outfit from a livestream I did in Spring 2020. After that stream was over, I put on a bunch of prototypes and took images of how they looked in natural light outside. Light and photography filters that flatter the face and features can obscure and distort wig colors. This is why I try to shoot indoors and outdoors, when possible, and I try to avoid filtering my images even if it would make them look more "professional." It's isn't important to me that people think I'm the prettiest wig model in the world. What's always been way more important to me that you know what you're getting, love it for what it is, and come away happy with the experience. The day I took the initial images of Beckett was kind of cloudy, which toned down the color of the wig a little. The shirt I am wearing is white, but the cloud cover is turning it blue. Side note: When I say that shooting outside distorts the colors more than shooting in a well-lit indoor space, this is the sort of thing I mean. Natural light has a knack for turning wig colors too gold -- like if you shoot during "golden hour" -- or too blue -- like it there's any cloud cover.

I digress -- I fell in love with Beckett immediately! The length, moderate-light density (about 120%), wave pattern and lace features won my heart the minute I started playing with it. I knew she was the one!

Close up of the lace front and parting area in the previous image of Beckett by Wigs Forever

Here's is a zoomed-in version of the previous photo. The knots are visible, which is very normal in hand-tied synthetics, but they are nice and small, even with darker root colors. The lace we use is a transparent firm Swiss lace that does not require trimming to be wearable and does not need adhesive to stay in place, provided that you adequately restrain your biohair and that the wig fits well. I am not wearing adhesive or a wig grip in any of these images and I do have biohair under the cap in lieu of a shaved head. (Proof of concept: ACHIEVED!)

This is the top of Beckett by Wigs Forever
This is an up close and personal shot of the underside of the top of Beckett. This wig is a premium medical-grade prosthetic synthetic wig. While anyone with a head and good taste can wear Beckett, it was designed specifically with medical wig wearers in mind. This is evident from some of the cap feature choices.
Another look at the top of the cap of Beckett by Wigs Forever
For starters, there is an epic amount of felt all over the seams on the top, bottom, and sides of this wig. The felt helps the wig stay in place over a bald head, makes the inside of the wig softer overall, and alleviates pressure points that can sometimes come from hearing a wig all day long. The left-side parting area and lace front are a stiff kind of Swiss lace that is designed to mold itself to the contours of your head without bubbling or puckering. (If you get puckering on one of our wigs, chances are that the cap size is too large for you. Size down or try altering the cap.)
The sides on Beckett by Wigs Forever
Another angle of the side view of Beckett by Wigs Forever
The part on Beckett by Wigs Forever
The parting area and hairline on Beckett are fantastic. Look at how deep this parting area is! I didn't use makeup of any photo tricks to manipulate this part. This is what it really looks like right out of the packaging! I did not request that the factory use a "zig-zag" part, because that is a dated look that seems like it's straight out of 2000. A realistic straight part is where it's at -- and helps me showcase the precise, delicate knotting of my beautiful brain children. We make all of our wigs in deliberately very small batches. Doing this allows us to pay very high levels of attention to the craftsmanship of every single wig that leaves our warehouse. We may never be able to beat the big multinational wig companies on marketing budget, speed, or volume of output, but we can certainly clobber them in aspects of the wig making process that require high levels of quality control and attention to detail, as these are things that are significantly easier to do well on a smaller scale.

I get it. I'm going to be slightly biased because these are like my children. Make no mistake about it, though: I love Beckett. I love wearing Beckett. I love the look of Beckett. I love the cap construction, movement, feel and light weight of Beckett. I'm truly thrilled to offer this lovely head of alternative hair as the first monofilament part / lace front offering from our Wigs Forever brand of wigs and toppers. I hope that if you buy her and love her as much as I do, you will consider telling a friend or even leaving a review for our other customers here on hairkittykitty. If you feel genuinely inspired, consider signing up for our Kitty Clique affiliate program! You can earn 10% commission on every qualifying referral sale to our store.

Click HERE to learn more about Beckett and see colors available.
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