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Tweaking Ambrose-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

How I customized my synthetic wig, removed volume, and made it look more natural

Hi! Kathleen here with my tutorial on how I “tweaked” my Ambrose in Lilac Honey-R to give her more oomph on top and so she’ll lay closer to my head. All you need is a hot air brush (my preference) and thinning shears. ( I’ll illustrate how to use regular scissors to thin a wig as well. )

I like the kind of hot air brush shown in the image above with silicone ball tips. Starting at the crown I take a section of hair and over direct it. Then I place my hot air brush next to the base of the wig. I put mine on high ( my hot air brush doesn’t get that hot ) and hold in place for about 20-30 seconds. Let that section of hair cool off / set before working on the next section of hair.

Duck bill clips are an extra set hands. I clip the hair in place until it’s completely cooled off. I take each section of hair ( along the wefts) over the entire top of Ambrose starting from the crown and moving forward and ending with the bangs and front side sections. This is to get those fibers loosened up so you can fluff your wig up. How much oomph is up to you. Repeat this process until you are happy. I was going for a natural volume. I just didn’t want the hair to look compressed. This will help make her look less wiggy...a bit more natural.

Next I used my hot air brush on the bangs / fringe. I didn’t feel the need to trim them. If you decide you want your bangs trimmed I suggest only taking vertical snips. ( The overall look will be more pleasing to the eye and it’s a more forgiving way of trimming your bangs. ) ☺️

While your bangs are warm fluff them up and mess them up and let the fibers cool down completely.

Here is a snap shot I took from the can see the difference. A little lift at the crown gives her a more natural appearance.

Cool shot of the color, huh?

Here I am holding the styrofoam head from the side with Ambrose t-pinned on. You are looking at the top of the wig. The fibers are loosened up from the cap and hang naturally now. They don’t look compressed. This is what I was going for.

Okay, so now what? For folks who love volume you might say okay, done…😉

Slice combing…what is that? I hold my wide tooth comb in a vertical position when I comb. Combing this way is easier on your wigs..less damaging. It reduces the volume and It’ll help find the waves on Ambrose. TIP: I used silicone spray on her before I combed her out and on the ends when I was all done. I love Envy's Renu & Repair.

I thinned the bangs on Ambrose. I took the top layer of bangs and clipped them back. Using my thinning shears I got as close to the base / cap of my wig as I could get and took a horizontal cut. The image above illustrates how I then softened up the ends by taking little vertical snips.

I love the wave pattern as is on this particular Ambrose so I did all my thinning from underneath the top layer of hair. The wave pattern won’t be altered this way. I start with the bottom back and work my way around to the front on both sides.

This isn’t hard nor have a lot of hair that will cover up all this handy go for it! 👍🏻

If you don’t have a thinning shears, no worries. Take the same section of hair and use your scissors in a vertical downward position and cut with little snips.

Yikes! Look at all the hair from thinning her! No worries; Ambrose still has plenty of hair. 😉

Ambrose's fibers move freer now so you can fluff her up and she’ll stay fluffed up better, too. I love how these few little tweaks really made Ambrose come alive.

Ambrose now lays closer to this case a wig head.

I am so happy with Ambrose now. She has just the right amount of hair and volume for me. A hot air brush and some thinning is all it took. As with all customizing take your time and enjoy. 💜

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