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Do You Only Sell Wigs for White Women?-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

Do You Only Sell Wigs for White Women?

We get this question a lot, and we totally understand why. Our founder, main model, and the face of our site is white, and many customers assume she represents all of our customers as well. So we think it is a question worth addressing. And the short answer is: no, we don't only sell wigs for white women.

One of our African-American mannequins demonstrates Ambrose 10" in Smokeshow-R

We sell wigs for everyone!

While Heather – our brand manager, designer, and do-it-all superwoman – models many of the wigs on our pages, she definitely does not represent the only race or sex that we serve. Our customers come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, and our wigs are designed to work beautifully with many skin shades and tones.

Our Asian mannequin models Vaughn in Royal Velvet-R

Heather first founded Cyster Wigs (and then, eventually, HairKittyKitty) because she started losing her hair as a teenager and struggled with the shame of feeling judged or pitied and with the challenge of covering up bald patches. So, Heather’s personal background gives her a deep understanding of those who share a similar experience, but we at HairKittyKitty know that people look for wigs for all kinds of reasons. And we want to make sure everyone feels welcome to see if our styles fit the bill.

Our wigs are popular all over the world.

We have customers from all over the world, which is why we offer pricing in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, and Euros. And we hope to continue expanding beyond there.

Though we have hometown beginnings in Athens, Georgia, we're so proud that our reach is global and that people from so many places find our products worthy. At first, Heather’s personal experience attracted customers to Cyster Wigs and HairKittyKitty who usually had a lot in common with Heather – in experience and demographics. But, fortunately, our wigs have spoken from themselves, and they are attracting a wider customer base every day.

Our Latina mannequin demonstrating Ambrose in Tortoiseshell-R

Since we do not yet have the budget to expand our modeling team, we make do by sometimes using mannequins that can give our customers a sense of various wigs' appearance with more skin tones and face shapes. But we know this does not offer as full a picture as a living model would.

So, it is even better when we at HairKittyKitty and Cyster Wigs get pictures from our customers that show off our wigs with a wide variety of face shapes, skin tones, and appearances. And the best is when we welcome social media affiliates who want to share pictures of our wigs!

Our customers are women, men, and non-binary folks.

We're happy to serve everyone. Because we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we welcome a lot of trans women and non-binary customers who are looking for ways to express their gender identity, feel comfortable, or just have fun with a fresh look.

Nigel seriously considers getting into wigs after the Hair Kitty Kitty livestream last Saturday

[ Pictured above: Nigel models Poppy in Smokeshow-R in the Hair Kitty Kitty livestream from Saturday, Januard 22nd, and seriously considers getting into wearing wigs. ]

Since HairKittyKitty is woman-founded and woman-run, it currently focuses largely on feminine styles, but we certainly do not expect that to mean we will only get women as customers. And we are always expanding the looks we offer. Feel free to reach out if you are hoping we will consider offering a specific new style or category.

Many of our customers use our wigs for everyday wear.

Many of our customers seek out wigs that they plan to use for everyday use. Some customers choose to wear wigs because of hair loss, others because achieving certain hairstyles is easier with a wig.

Another of our African-American mannequins shows off Juniper in Ravens and Roses-R

The African American community has a long tradition of wearing wigs as one of many ways of creating beautiful hairstyles. Thanks to African American YouTubers and influencers, the internet offers a wealth of wig reviews, wig care videos, and advice on choosing and maintaining your wig. We owe a great debt to this tradition, and we're very grateful. We know that filling the needs of this community is one of the areas where will continue to expand in the future.

The trans and drag communities have also contributed greatly to wig styling and wig care knowledge over the years. In fact, wigs have a strong role to play in many of the communities that have been marginalized through the centuries, both as ways to blend in and ways to stand out.

That's one of the wonderful things that we at HairKittyKitty love about wigs: they are a uniting force, bringing together diverse communities and people with many different lifestyles.

We welcome you warmly to our website and community.

We want you to feel at home and excited to be here. Feel free to reach out and share any insights you have about ways that we can make you feel more welcome or thrilled about your experience. This site was inspired by a personal struggle to feel comfortable and accepted in the world, so we want to help others feel like their best selves in public and private.

HairKittyKitty is for everyone, and we are so glad that you are here!

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