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Kenna’s Favorite Wig Color Picks 2021-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

Kenna’s Favorite Wig Color Picks 2021

Hey there! I’m Kenna DeValor (they/them/theirs), a young friend of HKK. 

If you’re anything like me, you love being unapologetically, fabulously, and fashionably yourself! You love to bring a little jazz and groove to your life and your hair should be no different! Luckily, if you’d like some personal recommendations from me to bring a little color inspiration to your wig closet, I gotcha covered.

Kenna is a guest blogger for Hair Kitty



I will be listing my Top Five favorite colors from HKK that I think will bring out the fashion royalty in you while also being a bit daring. 

(ps. Before we get started, I will note that the order of this list is in no particular order!) 

Holographic Blonde Rooted is a blonde color with rainbow shine lines on top to approximate a holographic foil look.

Holographic Blonde Rooted 

I will say: this has to be in my top three most favorite colors in the entire color list!

 I just recently became an ex-platinum blonde with the changing of the season, but I will always be a platinum blonde at heart, (or just when summer comes around again!) This color takes the bright blonde a step further and makes you feel like you just walked right out of the future. (Or a rave, I don’t judge.) The fun part is the rainbow color pieces within the wig that just takes the classic blonde look a million steps further. Can you say “obsessed?” Now, for all my wonderful LGBT+ brothers, sisters, and siblings– if you wanna wear your pride do it with this piece because you will look STUNNING at any event and if you just want a fun little color boost, it’ll get you looking in the mirror wondering who that gorgeous fantasy book character is! 


Lilac Honey Rooted is a synthetic wig color which has bright purple near the face and light brown everywhere else.

Lilac Honey Rooted

Let’s get trendy! 

Listen, if you wanna stay on top of the trends, the Lilac Honey Rooted is where it’s at. Especially in the teen-young adult alternative community, two-toned hair is perfectly on-trend! With a honey brown base with a pair of lovely violet front strands to add a pop of color to frame the face, it’s just the perfect color for someone who wants to stay on trend but also not dive head-first to unnatural hair color. I chose this color because it’s fun and it’s exciting and it shows that you like to keep up with the trends without going too far out of your comfort zone! Plus, with the Ambrose style, the tousled-bob look is super duper cute! 


Ravens and Roses Rooted is a dark natural brown with blood red highlights.

Ravens and Roses

Hey, Rockstar! Looking for something edgy but cute enough to wear on wine night with the pals? Look no further than the alluring Ravens and Roses! While this color may not be the all-popular “rooted” color, this all-around color is sure to turn heads with wine-reds and deep mysterious dark maroon, it’s sure to be a great color to add to your closest, especially because it’ll bring out your inner rockstar singing how much you love Rock’n’Roll, or at least nice color when you’ve got wine on the brain and want to have a fun and confident night out! This color is best paired with smokey brown or olive eyeshadow and a bold black or rusty rose lip! This color is so stunning, so unique, you’ll never want to take it off as you go boldly into your day, afternoon, or evening of fun. 


Nirvana Blonde Rooted is a classic high-lift blonde with a hint of gold undertones and a dark root.

Nirvana Blonde Rooted 

Alright, let’s take the colors down a notch. This one is for my classic natural hair lovers or for the ones who just aren’t quite ready for a bold color look. I’m keeping it comfy and tame for this one. Tiffany from the hit horror series Child’s Play would be proud of you for this one. Dark roots that look oh-so-natural with the refreshing blonde all the way to the ends! I absolutely cannot get enough of how absolutely classic yet trendy this looks. 90’s to the Present day, you really can’t go wrong in a color like this. And the best part? Blonde is for everyone! Go bold with your makeup on this one for sure, maybe even go a bit vintage with a throwback to the nineties with your makeup and look! (Hey, it’s called the NIRVANA Blonde Rooted for a reason!) 


Prismatic Ebony Rooted is a soft black wig with a rainbow shine line on the top of the wig.

Prismatic Ebony Rooted 

With the darkness of the base wig, little pops of swirling color come from seemingly nowhere to give you a fabulous pop of color on a dark canvas. The Anya style, in particular, has a big bold lime green patch that is sure to wow all who see it! The best way I can describe this look is if Billie Eilish had gone more bold and fun with her signature Green-On-Black hairdo. If you wanna channel your inner Bad Guy, this wig is completely for you. This color is for the bold and artsy type who have a bit of sparkly sass to their personality. Wear these colors with pride and show the world who’s boss with this gorgeous color, the world deserves to see it! 

And there you have it! 

It can be a bit scary to go out of your comfort zone, but please believe me when I say you deserve to take fun risks with your hair, with your appearance, with who you are! Experiment with looks and trends and remember: you are never "too old" for a pop of color to your hair! Enjoy this life and be who you want to be, your style is all your own. Have fun with it!

Be safe everyone and enjoy the colors of life.

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