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Look Fabulous at Any Age: Wig Tips for Mature Women (Do's and Don'ts)

Look Fabulous at Any Age: Wig Tips for Mature Women (Do's and Don'ts)

Sultry sophisticated mamas -- i.e., mature ladies -- can easily elevate their looks a notch or two with a wig or topper for a youthful, full head of hair.

Wigs come in many styles and colors to help you achieve your desired look, no matter what age you are. Short wigs are great for creating a more youthful look, while long wigs can give off an elegant, sophisticated vibe. Bobs and pixies are also great for mature women, offering a classic, easy style with plenty of flair.

When it comes to haircuts, layered looks can help draw attention to your face shape and bring out the beauty in your features. Adding highlights or lowlights can give you an extra boost of color. Fringe can be used to soften your look and take years off your age.

Age like fine wine

The top 5 do's and don'ts when shopping for mature women shopping for wigs and haircuts:

1. Do consider your face shape when choosing a wig or haircut. This can help you find the most flattering style for your features. HairKittyKitty has loads of resources for this. Check out this page here for a great place to start.

2. Don't forget to look for styles that are age-appropriate and stylish. After a certain age, society rewards you for creating your own signature style. Avoid anything too trendy or wild as it could make you look like you're trying too hard to fit in, especially if you were born to stand out.

3. Do try on different styles to find out what you like best. This is the only way to know whether a wig or haircut will truly look good on you. Try to shake off your preconceptions of what looks good on you. You'll realize later in your journey that many of those assumptions were adaptations based on the limitations of your biohair.

4. Don't forget about the texture of your hair when choosing a style. This is especially true for topper wearers because they need to integrate their hair with the helper hair.

5. Do explore different colors to find the best one for your complexion and style. Subtle highlights or lowlights can really help bring out your features in a flattering way.

When shopping for wigs and haircuts as a mature woman, it is important to find styles that suit your style aesthetic and your face shape. When you’ve found the perfect style for you, be sure to take good care of your new look and consider ordering a backup.

Ultimately, the best wig or haircut for a mature woman is one that makes her feel beautiful and confident. Consider trying out different styles to find the look that you love most! With a little bit of experimenting, you can find the perfect style for any occasion.

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