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Trim Any Wig

You can trim any wig if you follow the simple steps in this article

Here is my tutorial on how I trimmed the length and bangs/fringe on my Danica in Molten Copper-R by CysterWigs Limited. I am not a professional but have learned easy ways to achieve the results I want. Where there’s a will there’s a way right? 😉

The first step is to determine what length you want your wig. Danica has layered sections that makes it easy to visualize different lengths. For my preference I chose the shorter mid length.

I use a lot of duck bills clips when I customize my wigs They are an extra set of hands. In this case I used two facing each other to contain all the hair. This made it easier for me when I made the initial bulk cut. Tip: This first cut should be several inches longer than you want the final length to be. This leaves you plenty of wiggle room for correcting mistakes along the way.

Now the fun begins, Make your first cut. If you have quality scissors great just keep in mind wig hair will dull them prematurely. I buy inexpensive ( $10) hair cutting scissors and replace them often. This works for me. I have thinning shears and love them but for this tutorial I kept it simple and used regular scissors.

I take deep vertical snips after the first initial bulk cut. This will remove some of the weight off the ends. The goal is for the hair to move freely.

Before I went any further I put Danica on my head and checked to see if the front sections were the same length. I do this by taking sections of hair from both sides and eyeballing them in the mirror. I also used the neckline of the shirt I was wearing as a guide. I continue doing this all the way around my wig. Once I am happy with the overall length and symmetry I trimmed the front shorter and connected that length to the sides. Next I took small sections of hair (starting in the back) and took little vertical snips to soften the ends as I even up those ends.

For curlier sections of hair I use two duck bill clips to keep the hair straighter ( easier to cut). Notice all the cuts are vertical ( except the initial cut). This is a forgiving way to cut hair and makes it much harder to cut too much off…trust me on that one! 😜

Once I have thinned the bangs on Danica and like the general length (while wearing her) I take her off and do the rest on a wig head. I love my canvas wig head but a simple styrofoam head will work just as well. Tip: Use t-pins to keep your wig secure while you work on her. I like my bangs/fringe to be thinned out with some texture..not so perfect looking. Tip: Make them longer than you think you want them. I tend to trim mine long enough to get in my eyes and then strategically snip them shorter over my eyes leaving them longer at my nose. I like a more disheveled look.

I prefer the outer bangs longer than the rest of my bangs. I thin, add texture and soften the blunt ends. This way they’ll blend into the body of your wig nicely.

Now let’s get the length symmetrical. Put your wig on. Use a hand mirror so you can see the sides and back. Does she look the same length overall on both sides? I thought I was done until I looked at photos. Tip:Take photos to check your work. She was either too long or thick in one section. In the photo you can see her unevenness. I first thinned her out then trimmed her even. This part takes some times but is crucial. Tip: Take a little hair from the section you just trimmed and add that to the next section as you work around your wig. This is important for a smooth even transition and symmetry.

I was happy with the length and symmetry but still thought the ends looked too bulky. I went around the entire wig again. I took little sections at a time and took deep vertical snips to thin her out and little vertical snips to soften the ends.

Since the ends were thinned the hair is lighter and moves more freely. The little pile of hair is from this last step, not a lot of hair but what a big difference.

Danica is beautiful either way. Left untouched, long and luxurious or customized into a mid length style.

The biggest difference is from the back. I might add some curls back…but that’s for another day. 💁 Enjoy customizing your wigs!

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