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Check Out These Wavy Wigs With Bangs

Check Out These Wavy Wigs With Bangs

Wavy hair never seems to go out of style, for good reason. It’s lively, flowing. It can be mussed up or smoothed out and still look styled and intentional. Plus, waves do a great job of showing off various tones in hair fibers because of the way the waves interact with light, revealing more depth of color in your hair, whether you have bio hair or wig hair. So, it’s easy to see the appeal of the wavy look.

Meanwhile, bangs (also called fringe) make a fashion statement of their own. Depending on how they are cut, they can soften a face shape or make it more sharp and defined.

Some sites recommend steering clear of bangs if you have a square face. However, bangs are not always a problem for square faces. If they are a little longer and you swoop them toward one side, they can actually work well. You just have to avoid very straight and sharply cut bangs. So, bangs can work for all face shapes, you will just have to look for certain versions of bangs for different shapes.

What’s especially great about bangs when it comes to wearing wigs is that bangs make it easier to disguise the front of the wig. Without bangs, even if you have a beautiful hand-tied, lace front wig, you will need to spend some time blending the lace in with your forehead using foundation to make the transition seamless. If you have neither bangs nor a lace front, you need to play with positioning in order to find the best way to make the hairline look natural. And, even then, it will seem a little abrupt.

So, bangs are a great way to make you wig more hassle-free, and wavy hair is a wonderful style for showing off vibrancy and tone.

Here are my three favorite wigs with bangs from Hair Kitty Kitty.

The Danica Wig

The Danica Wig has an easy and open curl-meets-wave, and the long bangs make it absolutely ideal for almost all face shapes, even square. It also comes in many exciting fashion colors, including one of my favorites: Faded Denim Rooted, which has a glorious ombre and works brilliantly with cool undertones.

But don’t worry, it’s not all fashion colors. You can also choose from Molten Copper Red or Caramel Macchiato Blonde, or go somewhere halfway, like Royal Velvet or Ravens and Roses.

Plus, the Danica Wig is heat-friendly up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can try out a number of different styles that play the waviness up or down, depending on the day. You could even go a little curlier.

The cap (which accommodates average-petite through average-sizes) include soft velvet along the perimeter to cut down on pressure points.

The Ambrose Wig

The Ambrose is our most versatile and popular wig choice. The versatility comes from the number of lengths and colors in which this wig is offered. You can find it in lengths of 10 inches, 14 inches (the default), and 18 inches. And between color and length variations, we currently offer a total of 51 different versions of the Ambrose wig.

To add to the versatility, this wig is also heat-friendly. So, while its original wavy styling is highly flattering, you can change things up a little if you want to. Plus, the four-inch bangs are long enough to be worn straight down or swept off towards the side, meaning you can choose this wig even if you have a square face shape.

Some of my favorite colors in this wig are Smoked Plum Rooted (a fashion color) and Shimmerwood Rooted (a natural color).

The Leighton Wig

We currently carry the Leighton Wig in only two colors, but they are so gorgeous. The waves on this wig are just the perfect size to flow delightfully without looking messy. And the five-inch bangs are the perfect length to sweep to the side.

At an overall length of 20 inches, this wig is nice and long, and it is layered in such a beautifully subtle way that the body of the wig tapers perfectly so that there isn’t too much body in the bottom few inches (always key for keeping wavy wigs from turning into triangles of hair).

Thanks to this perfect tapering and the delightful wave and bangs, this wig works for literally every face shape out there.

Right now, you can choose between the rich dark red of Cherrywine Sangria (an unrooted balayage) and the super fun fashion color blend (with significant purples) Queen of the Night Rooted.

If you need to learn more about your skin’s undertones and what colors might suit you best or if you want to figure out your face shape and complementary cuts, don’t hesitate to check out all our resources at Hair Kitty Kitty.
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