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We're looking for paid guest bloggers!-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

We're looking for paid guest bloggers!

We're looking for guest bloggers to help us grow and develop the blog. The article below is an excerpt from the CW2 livestream on 12.4.21, linked here to start at the relevant part of the stream.

Our content standards are really high. Are you up for the challenge?

Three options: article only, article + photos, and video

For all three:

  • Exclusivity to our store and products is not required (only exception: please note that we are not open to engaging with content creators from WigStudio1 at this time)
  • Grammar and voicing must be semi-professional, think "casual Friday" language at the office
  • No plagiarism
  • Keyword optimization must be part of your strategy; the easiest way to address this is to answer "how to", "what is" and "why" questions relevant to our wig brands within your content
  • Payments will be issued to you directly via PayPal (you will be a private contractor -- please note that we do not withhold for taxes)
  • We will only pay for content we can publish: when in doubt, run the broad strokes of your ideas by our team first so you make the most of your efforts, energy, and time
  • We are happy to give you attribution for any of your content at the bottom of your posts; this includes your social media and/or personal websites (you must specify your preferred attribution in writing at the time you submit your post)
  • Submissions we pay for cannot be cross-posted elsewhere on the internet, including your own social media channels; if we bought it from you, it's ours
  • If you ever need us to pull some of the content you made off our properties in the future, you may buy it back from us for the amount we paid you for it, including the value of any products we sent, shipping, and sales tax
  • The majority of this content will be used for this blog and/or our newsletter; video content will be hosted on the CysterWigs Vimeo account and embedded into this blog as well
  • Our team will determine what kind of content we need, the pace of how often we need it, and when it will get published: if we've got a full slate of blog posts ready to go, we will not pay for new material again until we need to commission more of it

Article only:

  • This is the easiest option -- requires a lot of brains but not a lot of fancy equipment or photography skills
  • Must be well-written: proper grammar and no filler
  • 1000 words minimum per blog post
  • $100 will be paid to you per post approved and used by our store

Article + unique photos:

  • 1000 words minimum per blog post
  • Must be well-written: proper grammar and no filler
  • Minimum of 3 clear, well-lit, HD images of the wig you are discussing
  • $100 will be paid to you per post approved and used by our store
  • You will also receive a free wig to use in your blog posts
  • Note: The free wigs will be limited at our discretion to encourage you to compose more than one blog post with a single wig (IE: we are not planning to send people free hair on a continual basis -- we prefer to pay with cash, not hair!)
  • While we are open to working with content creators outside the USA, please be aware that we do not cover shipping, insurance, duties, VAT or other international shipping expenses

Video blog (vlog):

How to apply:

1. Visit the livestream linked HERE.

2. Comment on the replay of the stream. Make sure you link to previous examples of your work on the web. (Shameless self-promotion thoroughly encouraged!)

3. Let us know the name and color of your favorite wig on in the same comment.

Thank you for taking the time to look this over and have a lovely evening!

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