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WIGS RULE: A short history of wigs

WIGS RULE: A short history of wigs

Wigs have been around for centuries, with the oldest found being from Egypt in 3000 BC. At first thought to be a protection against sun and sand, wigs had become fashion items by 500 BC adorning both men and women. Wealthier Greeks wore more intricate wigs while shaving their natural hair as an act of hygiene. Roman ladies embraced them too - some even coloring them similarly to their own hair color! Wig-wearing has certainly come a long way since then!

Cleopatra must have had amazing wigs!

By the 1700s, wig production had become a successful business in England due to King Charles II flaunting his luscious long curls. In France, wigs were also admired as markers of prestige and class distinction amongst gentlemen. As powdered wigs became on-trend during the 1800s, barbershops began supplying them so customers could stay fashionable with ease.

During the 19th century, a rise in women wearing "toupées" to cover up bald spots or achieve more voluminous tresses emerged. Eventually, however, females began favoring more modest hairstyles instead of elaborate wigs and hairpieces by the close of that era.

For both men, women, and enbys seeking a new hairstyle without the permanency of coloring or cutting their hair, wigs offer an effortless transformation. From synthetic to human hair, there are countless options in terms of style, length and color that give people more choices than ever before. Wigs have also become integral aspects in theater productions as well as being used by those suffering from cancer and other forms of chemotherapy treatments who experience hair loss. In short, wigs provide an easy-to-use way for anyone looking to change up their look.

The evolution of wigs is captivating and remarkable, from being used for practical purposes to becoming a fashionable piece. It's astonishing to comprehend the drastic change they have experienced over time, and it appears like wig-wearing is here to stay.

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