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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Gemini Zodiac Sign

GEMINI DATES: May 21-June 20
SYMBOL: The Twins
MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Air
HOUSE: Third (Communication)

MEDITATION: It's ok to just BE -- learn to control your rapid-fire internal dialogue


As a Gemini, you tend to get bored easily and you hate it when people waste your time. Let's get to the point: your unpredictable nature keeps people on their toes. Woe betide anyone who can't keep up with the quick wit and sharp intellect hiding behind your short attention span and agile analytical mind. People who can't keep up with you tend to grumble about what they see as a superficial lack of consistency. But, think about it: Geminis love figuring things out and they value informed decisions. If they receive information that contradicts their beliefs, they will change because they value intellectual integrity.

Luckily for you, Gemini Wig Lover, Hair Kitty Kitty offers so many color and style combinations that it will be impossible to get bored. If one twin wants pink hair and the other wants brown, we have recommendations that will appeal to both sides.

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Light yellow-green, soft pastel yellow, and sky blue