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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Leo Zodiac Sign

LEO DATES: July 23-August 22
SYMBOL: The Lion
MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Fire
HOUSE: Fifth (Pleasure and Creativity)
MEDITATION: You can do it . . . but should you?


Dramatic, dynamic, fun-loving Leo is usually easy to spot in a crowd. Do you need a life coach? Talk to a Leo. Leos don't need to be told to believe in themselves. That energy is already baked in. They succeed in any career that allows them to share this magic with others. Betrayals are hard for Leo. It shakes their idealism and faith in others (a deep part of their self-concept) to the core. The good news is that most Leos can snap themselves out of this very quickly. Like the sun itself, they get their power from within and naturally enjoy sharing this radiance with others. Onto the next mountain to climb, car to race, and following to build. Check out our recommendations for all the resilient natural born CEOs living under this sunny sign of the zodiac.

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Jewel tones such as chartreuse, gold, royal blue, purple, and ruby