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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Libra Zodiac Sign

LIBRA DATES: September 23-October 22
SYMBOL: The Scales of Justice
MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Air
HOUSE: Seventh (Connections with Other People)
MEDITATION: Bitterness is the thief of joy


Libra has an uncanny knack of weighing options in their heads to try to find the most balanced approach. They are pragmatic, fair minded, and relentlessly moderate in virtually all aspects of their lives. They're ruled by Venus, so they share with Taurus a mutual admiration for beauty. Whereas Taurus may be more inclined to stare at awe at the natural wonder of a sunset, Libra tends to be more interested in admiring different aspects of people, society, and history.

Libras are cardinal (natural leaders), air (intellectual and quick thinking), and they are constantly striving to find the optimal path to the fairest, most equitable outcomes. Libras make excellent bosses and natural advocates for groups of people historically mistreated by society. At Hair Kitty Kitty, we'll help you find your hair so you can go back to saving the world!

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Pastels such as pink, pale yellow, mint, and lavender

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