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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Pisces Zodiac Sign

PISCES DATES: February 19-March 20
SYMBOL: The Fish
MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Water
HOUSE: Twelfth (Secrets and Sub-conscience)
MEDITATION: Saying "no" can be a kindness to yourself and others


Sensual, compassionate, and capable of intense deep thought: Pisces is a creative powerhouse sign with the interesting combination of a wise old soul and a young spirit in a single body. Does that seem contradictory to you? If so, you're probably not a Pisces. Pisces people know exactly what I mean!

The sign itself is much like Gemini in that it is not one, but two, different characters (two fish) inhabiting the same sign. This can create a deep inner conflict at the core of the sign. For Pisces, this conflict is less extreme than their Gemini counterparts and is best summarized as the battle between the conscious desire to "go with the flow" and the subconscious need for self-expression. For most people born under this sign, the subconscious wins. This can make Pisces enigmatic, eclectic, and perhaps even a tad eccentric. They make amazing friends and are good conversationalists. Pisces is never boring, so their Hair Kitty Kitty hair recommendations follow along a similar path.

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Sea foam green, off-white, navy blue, mauve, and aqua