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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

SCORPIO DATES: October 23-November 21
SYMBOL: The Scorpion
MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Water
RULING PLANET: Mars (formerly Pluto)
HOUSE: Eighth (Transformation and Rebirth)


Scorpios are intense. You will always know deep down when you are talking to a Scorpio, even if you never ask for their birthday info. Scorpio lives on a slightly dangerous wavelength that can be unnerving to the uninitiated. When you find yourself curious to know more about a person -- even though your senses are telling you you're in over your head -- there's about a 99.99% chance that you've just experienced what makes Scorpio legendary among the star signs. Scorpio is the master of magnetic dark feminine energy. You will feel slightly unsettled around them because, for better or worse, they have the power to change your life. Scorpios are very passionate and they feel intense emotions. They are prone to dichotomous thinking. (If you're not with them, you're against them.) Scorpio has a deliciously dry sense of humor and is a master of sensual experiences. We've curated a collection of seductive hair choices that are worthy of Scorpio and all their fascinating facets.

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Blood red, dark rust, purple, black, and pewter.