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Face Shape: Round

This face shape:

  • Round face shapes are typically very symmetrical
  • Face is about the same width and length
  • A soft, rounded jawline and chin
  • Cheekbones and chin aren't particularly prominent on a round face
  • Tend to be circular in appearance and have no major angles or edges
  • Note: Fuller faces are not automatically "round" just because they have rounded curves; you can have a full, rounded heart-shaped face, for example; this is mostly about bone structure and proportions


  • Pixies with volume on top and styles with center parts can be very flattering on round face shapes
  • Opt for longer fringe and face-framing layers to lessen the appearance of width and help add angles to your face (adding a "frame")
  • Sleek bobs are extremely flattering, particularly if they are an inch or more below the jawline
  • Avoid styles where the majority of the volume appears on the sides of the hair; aim for volume above or below the mid-face instead
  • The goal is to minimize the appearance of width and add definition to the angles of the face