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Affiliate and Influencer Opportunities

Welcome to the Kitty Clique!

At Hair Kitty Kitty, we believe that the best influencers genuinely use and enjoy the products they endorse. That is why their recommendations tend to be so effective. They have passion for the products and helping their followers, and that love shines through in everything they do.
Would you love to be an influencer, but are stuck and don't know how to start? Hair Kitty Kitty's Clique program can help you with that. We reward our organic brand ambassadors and fans for their creativity, drive to help others, and authentic product recommendations.
Everyone has to start from somewhere, and it's always easier to get where you're trying to go when you have friends to help you along. We want to be a friend who helps you build your future by sharing access to products, experiences, and a sense of community -- all while providing commissions (paid monthly via PayPal) and tips on how to make the most helpful content to build your audience.

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