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Kitty Clique Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Welcome to HairKittyKitty! Thanks for applying for our Kitty Clique affiliate program (the “Program”).

Please read the following rules, terms, and conditions. This is a legally binding contract that has been written in plain language for your convenience.

These following terms and conditions apply to individuals who are accessing or using the Program both as a merchant (“we,” “our,” “Hair Kitty Kitty,” “CysterWigs,” or “merchant”) and an affiliate (“you” or “affiliate”). By participating in the Program, you agree to use the Program in the manner specified and are bound by these Terms and Conditions. You must agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety to be authorized as an Affiliate and to participate in the Program.

Approval or rejection of application and/or registration

We reserve the right to approve or reject any affiliate application at our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your affiliate program application or registration. We are not obligated to explain this decision or continue correspondence about your application once that determination has been made.

Exclusivity to our brands and products is not required

Exclusivity to our brands, products, or affiliate program is not a necessary component of participation in our program. You may take endorsements from other retailers, products, and brands, including retail competitors of Hair Kitty Kitty and CysterWigs. (Please see section 3 for any exceptions.)


Our Program has 2 tracks: The standard program is not multi-tier; the Pro Track is multi-tier

Our program has two tracks: Hobbyist (default/standard track) and Pro (small business).

Our default program is very laid back and designed for hobbyists and casual content creators. It is not multi-tier. The payout structure is based on your influence-based sales, not your ability to recruit more salespeople.

Our Pro Track is more advanced and designed for professional influencers and independent small businesses. You will be compensated an enhanced commission for recruiting other successful content creators to join the Pro Track. This is not a pyramid, however, as you will receive a 2.4% commission on the sales of your direct recruits, but will not receive commissions on sales of anyone they recruit. This is designed to incentivize you to recruit and mentor a small team (not an army) of content creators so you can help each other collaboratively.

Which Track you will be assigned is the sole discretion of affiliate management and is based upon performance and your preferences when you sign up. Standard Program members can earn their way into the Pro Track automatically once they reach $500 in commission pay-outs.

Additional conditions and content exceptions for Referral Program eligibility

We enforce five conditions associated with content creation, sales, and competitive behaviors. Violation of these conditions may result in removal from the Program even if it is your first offense:
  • No hostility, sabotage, or unprofessional conduct towards other Program participants or Hair Kitty Kitty / CysterWigs, up to and including dishonest correspondence with Program management; deliberate manipulation of conversations between us, you, and/or other name brand retailers, wig suppliers, influencers, and/or the online wig community at large; malicious internal interference; other forms of deviant behavior that may constitute tortious interference in our business; these instances to be determined at our discretion and as occasion arises.

  • Due to precedent, past and present influencers and full-time employees of Wig Studio 1 are not eligible for our affiliate program. We consider this a potential conflict of interest that could negatively impact both stores.

  • We only want to associate with content creators who are respectful of the online community and avoid provocative or controversial subject matter. Content made on the channels and profiles used for the Program must not include controversial content that is religious, political, racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic in nature. This includes videos, blog posts, images, captions, and all other forms of content on that channel, regardless of its direct or indirect association with our products or this Program.

  • Our program has a minimum annual sales requirement of $500 (Pro Track only). This will be audited on the one-year anniversary of your sign up date. This requirement may be satisfied through sales made via referrals you send to our website via cookie or affiliate coupon. You are also permitted to use your own affiliate coupon to make purchases to satisfy this requirement. (Note: Other discounts cannot be combined with your affiliate coupon; you will not be able to use any Program exclusive influencer coupons or incentives when purchasing to fulfill annual sale requirements.) Only qualifying purchases using your 30% affiliate coupon and/or affiliate link count towards this number. (Note: There is no annual sales requirement for the default "hobbyist" track.)

  • We want to “be the change” and model refreshingly ethical content marketing to the online wig community. Please disclose your relationship to our affiliate program clearly, candidly, and in a manner consistent with FTC truth in advertising guidelines on social media. Here is a link for more information on when to disclose and how. This step will protect you and our brands from the FTC. It will also help gently educate the online wig community about FTC standards via demonstration so they can more easily identify when influencers and online marketers mislead them via the omission or deliberate misrepresentation of endorsement deals with other brands and stores within our community.

Affiliate links and coupon

The last link in the chain gets the commission. An affiliate link is automatically generated for you to provide your referrals. If a customer clicks on someone else’s referral link, then they click on yours and make a purchase, yours is the one that counts. (This is why we make it a condition of the program to be friendly and professional towards other members of the Program to discourage people from poaching each other’s sales deliberately.)

There are no double commissions. If customers click on the affiliate link and also use the coupon code you provide them, you will only receive one commission for the sale.

Self-referrals (when you purchase something using your own affiliate code) are not eligible for commission.

Gift Card purchases and use

You can only make a commission on gift card orders if a customer BUYS a gift card based on your referral. You do not receive another commission when they use the gift card. (Please see section above: There are no double commissions in this program.)

Qualifying orders and exclusions

    Qualifying Program purchases are toppers or wigs sold to customers at as the result of your content marketing and organic referrals, in private or in public, using either your personal affiliate link and/or the Program-generated coupon. The total value used to determine commission excludes chargebacks, sales tax, customs duties and international tariffs, returned merchandise, discounts, and outbound shipping costs. You will only receive a commission on the value of the product itself after discounts. Commissions are always based on items that customers keep after purchase and are not returned to our store. If you receive a commission for a product that is eventually returned to us or results in a chargeback, the commission for that item will be deducted from the next cycle’s payout to you.

    Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been successfully completed. Use of the Affiliate Program is subject to a fair use policy which gives the merchant the right to review each and every referral order. The status of your commissions is displayed in the Commission tab. Any paid commission will be listed on the Payment tab.

    Where you can advertise

      Approved places to advertise include known major public social media channels which include, but are not limited to: Facebook, public Facebook Groups and Pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and Tik Tok.

      Private channels that are also permitted include, but are not limited to direct messages in-app, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, private Facebook Groups and Pages, and personal emails.

      Message boards, group chats, vlogs, blogs, and live streams are also permitted. Affiliates may also advertise on their own merchant retail websites via outlinks to our store.

      You may pay to boost posts within the terms of service of major social media platforms but only do so at your own risk and discretion. We will not reimburse you for investments you make in developing your own social media brand. All affiliates are independent contractors. (But also remember to keep your receipts. Investing in your small business is sometimes tax-deductible.)

      Where you cannot advertise

        Do not SPAM people. Mass emails via an app -- which include, but are not limited to Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Active Campaign -- are not allowed.

        Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is not allowed.

        Coupon websites -- which include, but are not limited to Groupon,, Honey, and -- are not allowed.

        Do not market yourself on the CysterWigs and HairKittyKitty social media channels and accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, our YouTube channels, Moon Kitty Mixup private Facebook Group, and CysterWigs on Instagram. We’re already marketing ourselves and our brands in these locations. You will need to branch out to other locations on the web to make your commissions.

        Evidence of any of the above activities will result in immediate termination from the Program.

        Using a coupon and the link versus just using your affiliate link (information about cookies)

        Program cookies are live for 30 days. These are what help us track your sales via the affiliate links you use to refer your audience to our website and its products. However, if an audience member uses aggressive privacy settings that prevent us from tracking the cookie, you will not get credit for their purchase because it cannot be tracked in the system.

        For this reason, we recommend using the 30% system-generated discount coupon to encourage the sale in addition to your affiliate link. This provides a discount to the potential customer -- which they will appreciate -- and will be trackable even when the cookie, in and of itself, is not. We recommend encouraging your audience to use both.

        Marketing tool

          We may share promotional media to you to aid you in your marketing, such as banners, logos, and/or specific promotions through the Marketing tool tab. These may be shared with your audience publicly and/or embedded on your website or blog.

          Commission payouts

            Default commission on any qualifying referral is 10% (Standard Program) or 12% (Pro Track) of the cost of the item excluding returns, cancellations, taxes, and all other exclusions mentioned in section 5 of these terms and conditions.

            Payment will be made via PayPal or Store Credit on a monthly basis, typically near the end of the month. You will be notified via email when payment has been made.

            Exclusive newsletters and success materials

              Program exclusive newsletters, videos, and educational content may not be shared publicly, as these materials are designed to help you and other affiliates succeed. If your audience wants access to those materials, encourage them to join the Program themselves to gain access.

              Our exclusive library of affiliate success video content can be accessed via the guide page after your affiliate account is approved.

              Our exclusive private Facebook group is also accessible through the guide page. You must be an active, approved member of the Program to access the group. You will lose access once you are no longer part of the Program.

              Removal from Referral Program

                If an affiliate wishes to be removed from the affiliate program, they can do so by contacting:

                Go forward and refer!


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