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How Hair Kitty Kitty Helps You See Wig Colors Better (Mood Lighting On a Website)

The #1 concern customers have about their new wigs and toppers is whether or not the color on the screen represents what they're about to buy. My wig color designs are unique and beautiful, so my challenge in building this website was really about figuring out the best way to showcase my color designs. After almost a decade in eCommerce wig sales, I wanted to design a website that would display our colors as true-to-life as possible.

The website design of Hair Kitty Kitty was inspired by Pinterest photos of wedding uplighting. I wanted you to feel like you're at a beautiful, loving, fun, and above all, colorful party every time you come to visit our store.

Examples of wedding uplighting -- the inspiration for our website

I'm personally a huge fan of mood lighting. Whether we're talking about the famous "black light" scene from Avatar, Christmas lights twinkling on a snowy night, or moonlight reflecting off of a stormy midnight sea, colors look their most vibrant to me when they pierce the darkness and shine through into the night.

Hair Kitty Kitty is more vibrant than other wig websites because a dark background allows the colors to pop without as much interference from superfluous blue tones that exist on the periphery of typically all-white website backgrounds. Pure white uses a lot of blue light that can strain the eyes. This can make colors and images appear blurry, especially if you suffer from dry eye, or if you're like me, and you spend lots of time staring at a screen.

Think about it: Have you ever gone to a wig website and thought all the colors looked "ashier" or "cooler" than they are in real life? That is much less likely to happen on our Hair Kitty Kitty site due to our thoughtful color layout and design.

I hope that you enjoy the unique shopping experience I've built for you here at Hair Kitty Kitty. Please let us know what you think on social media. Click this link for an easy reference guide of all of my social media and the socials for all of our wig stores. I look forward to hearing from you!

Written by Heather Hershey |, | Brand Founder, UX Developer, and Wig Designer

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