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Our Story | About Us

Hi there, Wig Lovers! bridges the gap between fashionable style and alopecia-friendly comfort. Our mission at Hair Kitty Kitty is to help boost your fun and self-discovery a little more with every wig and topper you buy from us.

Our wig creations are a collaboration between our founder, Heather, and our customer base.

It works kind of like this:
- Heather designs a wig style or color (or both)
- She shows it off during a livestream on social media (sign up for our newsletter if you want to participate; it's free!)
- Your feedback helps us figure out what to make next
- We make a whole lot of it
- It arrives in about 5 - 7 months
- We sell it here on our site

    Don't hate. Celebrate. We are proud allies of the LGBTQA+ community. We also love hanging out and collaborating with wig enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests. Most of our exclusive styles are "big-head friendly" by default. (This makes our wigs easier to wear if you have a lot of biohair, too!) We've got you covered.

    Where We're From

    Our main offices are located smack dab in the center of breathtaking Athens, GA, where hipsters and trendsetters roam freely among us, humidity is high, and the allergy quotient is ridiculous.

    How we started

    Our first wig store,, was founded in 2012 by a wig loving Aspie named Heather, who began losing her hair when she was still a teenager. After more than a decade of trying to hide her bald patches with makeup, sprays, fibers, teasing, and bleach, Heather created this website to offer something new, fresh, and fun to the wig world.

    Everyone deserves the opportunity to experiment with their appearance and find ways to express themselves through fashion. After all, fashion is more than just what you wear -- it's how you show up in the world!

    Heather decided she should make wigs that look real while being functional, fun, and comfortable to wear. The good news is that lots of wig wearers of all ages, gender identifications, and skin tones are looking for these things from their wigs, too. Thousands of people from all over the world come to hang out with us every day. We're happy that you could join us too! (It's basically a party.)

    We founded this site -- Hair Kitty Kitty ( -- in honor of our first store's upcoming 10th anniversary in 2022. (See, we told you it's a party!)

    So where's Heather now?

    Heather is the designer and brand manager of all of our exclusive wigs and colors. She is also the architect, graphic designer, and developer of this website. Heather is also a "microinfluencer" on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Legacy YouTube, Livestream YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest. (We also have a great private Facebook group called Moon Kitty Mixup that is a great private place to show off your new looks. Our social media team would love to hang out with you there!)

    Heather and her husband, Nigel, still host a weekly livestream on YouTube where they discuss product development and interact directly with fans and customers. Our whole company loves to collaborate with our audience and clientele. We even like collaborating with other wig stores.

    Our store's philosophy is that it's hard to make it alone.

    We should amplify each other.

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