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CysterWigs Limited

Ainsley Wig - Illuminaughty Rooted

Illuminaughty Rooted

In the shadows of the elite and the mysterious, a secret awaits to be unveiled. Introducing the enigmatic Ainsley from the CysterWigs Limited Collection, cloaked in the shade known only as lluminaughty Rooted, a striking ice white platinum with meticulously crafted in a #10 light ash brown roots. The rooting adds realism to the wig, grounding the ethereal platinum in a dance of light and shadow.


  • Color: Illuminaughty Rooted
  • Product Weight: 4.0 oz
  • Hair Fiber: Premium Heat-Friendly Synthetic
  • Hair Length: Fringe: 7", Crown: 13", Nape: 3.5", Overall: 12"
  • Hair Texture: Natural
  • Hair Style: Fashion Wig
  • Cap Size: Average (Adjustable for Average-Petite)
  • Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F, Felt for Comfort

Style Tip:
To enhance the mystique, style Ainsley with soft, cascading waves, allowing the roots to peek through, hinting at the mysteries that lie beneath.

Guarded Secrets:
Each Ainsley wig is encased in a vinyl bag, accompanied by a CysterWigs liner, a gift to those chosen to be part of this exclusive circle. Wear the liner, embrace the enigma, and become part of the legend.

Dare to delve into the unknown? To be part of a world few have seen? Add Ainsley in Illuminaughty Rooted to your collection and unlock the secrets of the elite. But remember, once you know, there's no turning back. 🗝️🌙🖤

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cheryl White
Likes: A cute short style in a great color.
Color: I really like this color because it is bright and cool.
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
Easy to Wear

I like Ainsley a lot. I decided to try cutting with bangs into it after Kathleen Ryan showed us how. (Thanks, Kathleen.) I love the color, Illuminaughty R (and especially the name which always makes me smile).

Fiona Vane
Likes: The cut, colour and ease of wear
Color: Perfection
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
My new favourite colour

This is sooo comfortable and easy to throw on and go. It’s not a lace front but they do an amazing job hiding the hairline so it’s super easy to wear. I’m also in love with this colour. Illuminaughty convert 😂

ruth gibbins
edgy look ...and makes a statement

I really enjoy this color and hope in the regular length Ambrose it will be offered again..i own in the 10 in and the 18 in..and this Ainsley..but need in that length also..thanks for coming up with all these unique colors..really makes wig wearing fun..