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Ainsley Wig - Ravens and Roses Rooted

Ravens and Roses Rooted

In the shadowed chambers of night's embrace, emerges a hue both dark and deep, "Ravens and Roses Rooted," whispers the breeze, a secret too haunting to keep. A base of dark neutral brown, like the raven's wing in flight, intertwined with blood-red highlights, gleaming in the pale moonlight. With roots as dark as the abyss, this wig beckons with a mysterious kiss.

Color Shown: Ravens and Roses Rooted
Product Weight: 4.0 oz
Hair Fiber: Premium Heat-Friendly Synthetic
Hair Length: Fringe: 7", Crown: 13", Nape: 3.5", Overall: 12"
Hair Texture: Natural
Hair Style: Fashion Wig
Cap Size: Average (Adjustable for Average-Petite)
Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F, Felt for Comfort

Style Tip:
Accentuate the blood-red highlights of this wig with a deep crimson or burgundy lipstick. The rich tones will complement the Ravens and Roses hue, evoking the allure of a rose kissed by midnight's embrace. For a more subtle day look, opt for a muted rose shade, letting the wig's vibrant colors take center stage.

Dare to delve into the enigma? Let "Ravens and Roses Rooted" be your guide to the poetic allure of the unknown. 🌹🖤