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Anya Wig - Aniston Foil Rooted

Aniston Foil Rooted

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With a roomy, comfortable cap and natural hair density, our Anya is a premium synthetic wig that is ready for the office, church, grocery store, and video teleconferencing. Aniston Foil Rooted is a gorgeous "bronde" that was inspired by one of the most famous heads of hair in the world. With a roomy, comfortable cap and natural hair density, our Anya is a premium synthetic wig that is ready for the office, church, grocery store, and video teleconferencing.


Anya by Wigs Forever is a comfortable and chic open capped wig for daily wear

Q: Is Anya a curly wig or wavy?

Though the ends of Anya have a slight natural-looking curl at the ends, we consider this to be a "wavy" wig. The curl is very large, open, and deliberately loose to give her a casual, chic, unfussy appearance.



Alopecia and big head friendly cap designs | Medical wigs in salon fresh colors | Premium products | Designed in the USA



- Premium silky-textured synthetic fibers (this wig is not heat-friendly)

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at the nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch

· Velcro adjusters for easy size adjustment at the perimeter

· Open cap design allows wig to breathe well



· Average-large size cap (will also accommodate average or large when adjusted)

· Fringe: 9"

· Crown: 12"

· Nape: 3.75"

· Overall: 12.5"

· Weight: 4 oz



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



Virtually anyone can wear this color. We consider it one of our Balanced Colors. This means that it has equal, or nearly equal, amounts of warm and cool tones. This one is also safe for olive skin tones.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, Inverted Triangle



Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces



Freedom! '90 by George Michael



This color and wig combination goes with almost everything. Play around and see what you like the best!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kimberlin Etherington Sprague
Anya x 3

I purchased Anya when she first came out and purchased 2 more on a special day event first she is flirty and fun. She needs sprayed and hung upside down or just dipped in cold water and hung upside down I still wasn’t seeing me in her but I used some sea salt spray and she came alive and pretty much stays out of my face

Jennifer Zolper
Breezy and fun and cute!

This wig was bought for an event where I needed a shorter hairstyle (otherwise I would have had to ponytail it, and I didn't want to restrict my long wigs that way. It was cute, but not long enough for my tall head, and that's only because it hit right at my jawline which I like to camoflage a little more. Other than that, just one star off because of the floppy bit that wanted to go in my face. I had to use a barette. I think this is a universally flattering style which sometimes needs work due to the permatease and curl, to suit each individual person. The price point is great and I recommend trying it and playing with it! I had bought Aniston Foil, a gorgeous blend of blondes.

Heather Nanninga
Adorable, but not as curly as I expected

Just like everyone else, I absolutely adore the Aniston Foil-R colour. The style is super cute too, but I was expecting a little more curl right out of the bag. It's easy to fluff or flatten depending on how much volume you like, and it's fairly easy to hide the fact that it's a standard front.

Danielle Smoot
New Favorite!

I have been wearing wigs for 2 1/2 years. I have a petite head, so finding styles that fit and don't overwhelm are difficult. I typically wear Codi by Amore. I have a lot of them in multiple colors. I have branched out to other styles and brands, but I always make my way back. I love the way it fits, and the natural look. I receive compliments virtually every time I leave the house. I am open about my wig wearing and the folks around me are used to seeing me in varying colors. I was hesitant to try Anya as I tried Piper & Felix and was not 100% sold on them. They are super cute on others, but compared to natural look of Codi, I couldn't make the switch. After seeing so many others wearing Anya, I couldn't resist. I purchased Aniston Foil. Oh my goodness! I love, love, love this style!!! It doesn't overwhelm my small face, and with a bit of work using the tutorial on how to make a wig smaller found on the site, it fits like a dream. I cannot tell you how much I love this wig. I tried it for the first time when I had out of state family in town. They all loved it and told me it was much better than the Codi. I just received my backup in the mail, and I am looking forward to ordering more. As the quality is so fantastic, I just ordered two Danica wigs which I never would have done previously. The realism is not as great as a double mono top obviously, but I think it passes the real test. If it doesn't, I don't care honestly. Those that are looking that closely are probably just jealous of my awesome hair!

Mariana Scholz Hess
Lovely-Anya in Aniston Foil Rooted

Really pretty, especially once you put in the little bit of effort to fluff and work it. Cap is comfortable and feels a little bigger than some of the other Cysterwigs I have (like Piper). Awesome color! A bit lighter than I was expecting for a "bronde". 10/10!