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Anya Wig - Prismatic Ebony Rooted

Prismatic Ebony Rooted

Why settle for only one hair color when you can wear all of them at the same time? Our Prismatic Ebony Rooted is the Dark Side sister shade to our Holographic Blonde Rooted from the CWL line. Our Anya is a roomy, comfortable wig with natural hair density and lots of style.


If the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Q: What was the inspiration for the Prismatic Ebony Rooted color?

The iconic cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was the main influence on the creation of our Prismatic Ebony Rooted.



Alopecia and big head friendly cap designs | Medical wigs in salon fresh colors | Premium products | Designed in the USA



- Premium silky textured synthetic fibers (this wig is not heat-friendly)- Premium silky-textured synthetic fibers (this wig is not heat-friendly)

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at the nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch

· Velcro adjusters for easy size adjustment at the perimeter

· Open cap design allows wig to breathe well



· Average-large size cap (will also accommodate average or large when adjusted)

· Fringe: 9"

· Crown: 12"

· Nape: 3.75"

· Overall: 12.5"

· Weight: 4 oz



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



This is a color with cool undertones. This typically means that the undertones are pink, blue, purple, green, or grey. This can be a very subtle, subjective thing to determine. Because of this, we recommend checking out some of our other resources about undertone to determine which colors will look best for you. See our site's "color" menu (above) to learn more.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, Inverted Triangle



Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces



D.A.N.C.E. by Justice



This hair color was meant to play nicely with multichrome eye makeup!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Teresa Messenger
Likes: Style, color, fit, comfort, and price
Color: Color lightens the mood of everyone around
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
Anya Prismatic Ebony Rooted

I have so much confidence with this wig. I work as a nurse. The style is professional and the color helps lighten the mood of others. I get compliments on top of compliments. I easily added bangs that cover my forehead, my preference.

Gina Christiano
Anya - Prismatic Ebony

Perfect wig for the weekend. Anya is an easy throw on and go style. Frames the face and has some cute waves at the bottom. Just really easy to wear and always looks good. The black color with the rainbow highlights is adorable! Prismatic Ebony is so unique and just edgy enough.

patricia Chia
Anya in prismatic ebony R

Someone stopped me in the supermarket and asked me where I did my hair…
Before I could answer her, she asked if this is permanent of which I said yes. Then she said that my hair is beautiful and she liked it.
I just smiled and walked away. My hubby was giggling away…

Beautiful and versatile!

I got my Anya (my first Wigs Forever wig!) while I was away on holiday break, and you better bet the first thing I did when I got back was tear into the box and pop her on my head (with a wig cap, of course!). She's soft and so silky and light. I forgot I was wearing her! I had initially got her to have a comfy wig to wear for pride events and going out with friends. But I can already tell she's going to be a great everyday wig for me. Low density and yet beautifully wavy and lush. These pictures were taken within 5 mins of putting her on. I just gave her a little shake and a tuck behind the ear! Heather's Wigs Forever packaging means much less taco head! I'm an alopecian from PCOS but still have edges. My bio hair is curly and in the R4 range of "darkest brown" (similar to Heather's description of her own bio hair), so I was able to blend some of my edges as you can see in the pictures! I love her!!

Kathleen Ryan
Anya in Prismatic Ebony is Stunningly Gorgeous!

I love Anya..short wavy curls…I own quite a few at this point. Heather’s designs are like that. You get one and “need” more colors…lol I normally wear copper reds & blondes. I have some dark colors….I have a Black Magic Anya I trimmed bangs into that I absolutely love. The color is beautiful. But Prismatic Ebony’s base color is true black. Would it be too much for my complexion? The colors Heather used on her is what makes this color so special. All beautiful colors but the warm medium purple and neutral to warm red are my favorites. I love warmer colors on is cool but these colors are all neutral to warm versions and look amazing. So I pumped up the contrast in my makeup ( bold lashes vibrant eye shadow and used bronzer along my hairline etc to give my light Irish skin some life 😜) and wore a vibrant top and I love her. I would love to see this color cross over to CysterWigs Limited on Piper and name a couple. It’s such a fun and surprisingly universally flattering color. If you were on the fence I say go for it. You will be thrilled. 👏🏻👏🏻