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Anya Wig - Mermaid Kisses Rooted

Mermaid Kisses Rooted

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Who says you're too old to have fun with your hair color?  NOT US!  We created our Mermaid Kisses Rooted color as an alternative grey because we feel that they get left out of the conversation when people brainstorm creative hair color combinations.  We designed this color to approximate ripples of pastel light reflecting on the water.   Anya is super comfortable and durable.  All of our Wigs Forever collection wigs are roomy to accommodate members of the "Big Head Tribe," folks who are prone to pressure headaches, folks with a flattened occipital ridge, and anyone with a lot of hair they need to tuck up under their caps.

Mermaid Kisses Rooted is a rooted alternative pastel grey

Q: Why do the Wigs Forever line wigs fit so large?

Heather -- the designer of this website and creator of the CysterWIgs Limited and Wigs Forever product lines -- has an average-large cap circumference (23.5").  She can fit into average size wigs with some finesse, but the result is almost always too tight to wear all day long.  After trying on over 1500 name-brand wigs from the top lines in the world for her YouTube review series, she realized that there were not enough cute, ready-to-wear wigs for larger heads on the market.  In fact, most medical wigs fit petite-average or average by default.  You are much more likely to see new wigs launched in smaller cap sizes than big ones.  Heather believes that the Big Head Tribe is an underserved market that deserves to have comfortable wigs too.  So, while we create a wig line that fits average (the CWL line), our Wigs Forever line was made to fit Heather comfortably in the hopes that this would help other people with similar fit issues find their perfect all-day wearable hair too!



Alopecia and big head friendly cap designs | Medical wigs in salon fresh colors | Premium products | Designed in the USA



- Premium silky-textured synthetic fibers (this wig is not heat-friendly)

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at the nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch

· Velcro adjusters for easy size adjustment at the perimeter

· Open-cap design allows wig to breathe well



· Average-large size cap (will also accommodate average or large when adjusted)

· Fringe: 9"

· Crown: 12"

· Nape: 3.75"

· Overall: 12.5"

· Weight: 4 oz



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



This is a color with cool undertones. This typically means that the undertones are pink, blue, purple, green, or grey. This can be a very subtle, subjective thing to determine. Because of this, we recommend checking out some of our other resources about undertone to determine which colors will look best for you. See our site's "color" menu (above) to learn more.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, Inverted Triangle



Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius



Work It by Missy Elliott



Pair with dreamy, iridescent pastels to play up the colors in this mix.

Customer Reviews

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Likes: The length and curl are so pretty and flattering
Color: A gorgeous muted illusion gray
Comfort and Fit:
Will Return / Have Returned
Fit: Average
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Mermaid Kisses-R is Gorgeous on Anya

I will be honest. I have avoided getting this color because I thought it wouldn’t look good on me. I love warmer blondes and reds so I was very pleasantly surprised when I put her on. Overall on me ( I have peachy skin undertones & I’m considered a bright Spring) it’s a muted grayish peachy pearl color on me. Very light but not bright. Indoors and in lower lighting conditions this color looks gray….but here’s the kicker. It’s not gray it’s not that cool icy silver gray..iThere is no gray in this blend it’s an illusion to my eye it’s a soft warm gray…I love it. The colors are very subtle & visually blend together so well. Heather designed and created a color masterpiece once again. I love the style of Anya she is so pretty and easy to wear. This is a larger fit for me. I take the nape adjusters in and she fits snug enough for now. I will probably alter the cap to fit my head perfectly. I highly recommend Anya in Mermaid Kisses-R you will love her 💕

Brad Gehman

I absolutely love this wig. Get so many compliments on the color

Cheryl White
Love this One

Since I'm relatively new to wigs, I wasn't sure I should keep the one I preordered in Mermaid Kisses R because at first, I was a little intimidated with the way it looked from getting flattened in shipping. But after seeing posts on the Facebook group, I'm so glad I kept it. After following instructions to spray it with water and hang it upside down overnight, I sprayed it with dry shampoo to give the fibers a texture that helps fluff it up "making it mine" as experienced wig wearers say, I liked it so much I ordered another one in Strawberry Shake when I saw how beautiful, that color was in FB. I love them both. It's a perfect style which doesn't touch clothing and since it's in regular (non-Heat Friendly) fibers, it will wear well. I love how the messier it is, the better it looks. You could go anywhere in this lovely style!

Gina Christiano
Anya - Mermaid Kisses

Mermaid kisses looks icy blonde from far away and pastel rainbow up close. Love the optical illusion color. The Anya cut is short, easy to wear & always gets compliments. It’s comfortable and probably my favorite wig style.

Diane Ebbert
Great Fun Day hair.

Straight out of the box this will be my go to for fun! The colors are subtle, especially nice for us older, shy girls. Fits my large noggin too!