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Freeda Wigs | Ultra-Premium French Drawn Virgin Human Hair Wigs

by Freeda

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Freeda Wigs  are crafted with premium virgin European human hair, providing a luxurious, natural look.  The French double-drawn top offers maximum realism.  Save 10% with the coupon code HairKittyKitty -- this can save you an average of $200 or more on these one-of-a-kind customized hair masterpieces! 

Freeda will customize your wigs upon request.  The second picture is of me (Heather) in Chicago at night wearing a customized Atara Long.  Freeda cut her to look like our synthetic Vaughn style, and I used henna to achieve the vibrant copper seen in the image -- a copper so bright, you can still tell it's red at night!

The two styles pictured singly are Danya and Atara Long.  The side-by-side comparison pictures compare the same style in different colors and different custom cuts.  The images on the left side of the comparison shots show Freeda's catalogue photos, while the images on the right side of the comparison are taken from my reviews of those wigs.

Consult with Freeda about colors, as these may vary due to availability.  (Remember, these are not dyed hair colors out of the box, and are not as precise from wig to wig as synthetics tend to be.)  Prices will vary depending on the style and color you select from the Freeda website.  Price listed here is the listed price for Danya before our discount. 

HairKittyKitty (and previously, CysterWigs) have been affiliates for Freeda since 2018.  Both of our affiliate codes -- HairKittyKitty and CysterWigs10 -- will take 10% off your order.  Thank you for supporting our small independent wig store while supporting another small, independent wig store! 

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