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Honor Wig - Illuminaughty Rooted

Illuminaughty Rooted
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Illuminaughty Rooted is one of our most alluring colors because it's flattering for ANY skin type and and gives off 'cult fave' energy with bright white platinum. Honor by CysterWigs Limited Collection is a traditional short page bob in front with a super short and stacked nape.

Q: Should I shave my head to wear wigs?

That is a really big step, and something that is entirely up to you. Heather (the creator of these wigs and this website) loves shaving her biohair to achieve a better wig fit. It also helps you keep the wigs in place better when you can apply adhesive directly to your skin when you need them. However, there are plenty of ways to make wigs work for you, even with a full head of biohair. Just remember -- on a wig as short in the back as our Honor wig is -- you will want to be sure you secure the nape hair very well so that it doesn't poke through or cause the wig to ride up.


Alopecia and big head friendly cap designs | Medical wigs in salon-fresh colors | Premium products | Designed in the USA


- Heat-friendly synthetic fibers can be heat-styled up to 350 F

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at the nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch

· Velcro adjusters for easy size adjustment at the perimeter

· Open cap design allows the wig to breathe well


·Average-large size cap (will also accommodate average or large when adjusted)

· Fringe: 4"

· Crown: 11"

· Nape: 1.75"

· Overall: 11"

· Weight: 3 oz


· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig


This color is warm. It will work best for anyone with a gold undertone to their skin. It will also help anyone who wants to warm up their appearance via their hair.


Oval, Diamond, Square, Heart, Inverted Triangle


Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn


Come Rain or Come Shine by Sarah Vaughan


Use bobby pins to secure your nape biohair prior to wearing Honor or any other style with a very short nape.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Likes: The style is so sleek and easy to wear
Color: A gorgeous true cool platinum blonde with a believable light ashy brown root.
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Average
NPS score:
I Love Honor…so Chic! ❤️

If you love Piper but wanted something less voluminous and a tad longer in the front you’ll love Honor. I wear her all the time. I trimmed the bangs to my liking and I find that there is no easier style to wear. She always looks good. A true throw and go wig. The length in the front is very flattering and I love the sleek back. I fluff mine up a lot ( wake up all her permatease) but she has fairly low density so if you wanted something sleeker you can wear her as is. She is really cute tucked behind the ears. Comfy for all day wear and fits true to average so I take in the nape adjusters and she fits my petite/average head just fine. She’s like potato chips you can’t have just I highly recommend Honor in Illuminaughty-R ( a creamy platinum blonde with a light ashy brown root) 👏🏻👏🏻❤️

Rae H.
Glamourous and comfortable!

She is my new Go To, I get followed in stores by women wanting to know who did my hair! Her bangs are nice and long so you can trim them blunt or in a curtain style. She's perfect for summer, and always looks so chic and natural.

Lorna D. (Ldoon)
WOW! What an Honor.......

What a Transformation! As you can see my bio hair looks like cotton candy. I have been wearing 'helper hair' for almost three years due to a low thyroid (hypothyroidism) condition. So, my hair has become thinner as well as finer.
I ordered Honor in one of my favorite Cysterwig colors, Illuminaughty-Rooted. When I order a hair piece and decide to keep it, I like to wear it a few times before I submit a review. I also like to take pictures of the wig in different lighting to show how it looks. What I really like about Honor besides the beautiful color is that she is short in the back and longer on the sides which is flattering to anyone who has a bit of a saggy jowl like myself. Let's face it, everyone wants to look their best and Honor lives up to its name. I did trim the bangs a bit to fit my face. Honor is very versatile. You can smooth her down to a sleek look or you can utilize the permatease (which I love to do) and fluff her up. To maintain the volume I use a little of the Jon Renau Piece Out Contour Fiber Cream. A little goes a long way! Honor is very light weight just in time for the hot summer months. I also, like Heather, shave the back of my neck when I am going to wear a wig that is short in the back.
I never have a bad hair day with a Cysterwig on. (: I have had so many strangers come up to me and comment on how beautiful the color is on Honor. I ordered another Honor in Moonlit Orchid Rooted. Another fantastic color created by Heather.

Jen Z
Super cool stacked and angled bob!

I think sweeping the bangs a bit is the key, and I also learned I liked her put back behind the ears with a little bit left out. Put this on and people will think you have the best stylist in town!!

Jenny A.
Likes: Its stylish and super affordable.
Color: Love this color!
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Average
NPS score:
Love this one!

This has been my summer “go to” wig and the one I get the most compliments on. The style is artsy and in Illuminaughty Rooted, its a creative, contemporary look.