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Sorrel LF Topper - Hazelnut Truffle Rooted

Hazelnut Truffle Rooted

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Nothing more luscious than a Hazlenut Truffle...unless you're the Sorrel Topper in Hazelnut Truffle Rooted! Beautiful locks of brown and hazelnut colors cascading to give you a bit of oomf to your look!




Alopecia-friendly cap designs | Fashion wigs in colors available for a limited time | Compassionate pricing | Designed in the USA



· Premium silky heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled up to 350 °F / 176 °C

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch



Fringe: 14"

Sides: 18"

Overall: 18"

Weight: 5 oz.



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· CysterWigs wig liner provided for free

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



This color is warm. It will work best for anyone with a gold undertone to their skin. It will also help anyone who wants to warm up their appearance via their hair.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Triangle, Pear, Heart, Inverted Triangle



Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces



Take My Breath by The Weeknd



Any colors that are warm like green, peach, or pink would go well with this topper!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Penny Carlson
Likes: Sorrel is nice and large, and almost qualifies as a full wig, without being too snug on my big noggin.
Color: The color is beautiful...I don't love the reddish tones, but it works well with the other shades.
Comfort and Fit:
Will Return / Have Returned
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Sorrel is gorgeous!

I'm often uncomfortable in wigs and a topper is a great alternative. The clips in Heather's toppers are many and small, eliminating the pulling you get in most toppers.
This is a gorgeous style, perfect for someone like me who has hair, but not much. I can incorporate what I've got and feel pretty AND comfortable. I'm working on ideas for styling her, but she looks pretty amazing as is.

KattsTracks UK
Gotta say I'm surprised!

I really wanted to try a topper from HKK because I find I'm just not seeing toppers with the mainstream brands that are the right fit for me or have the right coverage. I also just don't see the styles in other brands. While, at time of writing, Sorrel is the only topper, I thought I would give her a go.

The colour choices are limited but I'm glad there was a brunette I could work with. My biohair is grey/white but I use direct dye to tint the hair to appear brown (and ginger where it's white). This blends nicely and has a lot of coverage. The base size is quite small but with a lot of hair. The construction reminds me of Jon Renau's Top Smart with a hand-tied single mono crown and a lace front. At first I didn't think the lace front would work for me as I feel like I need to either have the lace front covering my own front hair line or behind. With lace front's behind, they don't always sit nicely. I found that while I could set this back from my hairline, it looks better very close to the front with a tiny bit of leave out at the forehead. That looks most natural as well as laying the nicest.

I would love to see photos of the inside of the topper on the website as that's really important to a lot of consumers like me. I really want to know what the inside looks like. I was surprised to see there are so many clips, more than most toppers. Evenly distributed and of a nice quality. You may think, "ok nice quality clips?" but they snap in a very satisfying and secure way. I want to say there are 6 to 8 of them (not in front of me so I cannot recall). That made the piece feel very stable.

One confusing item was the tag inside said do not use heat but the description on the website indicates it is heat-safe. I can say the waves are nice and I hope they can last without having to be straightened any time soon, heat or steam. I do find the hair to have an almost crunchy feel. If it is HD fibre, it could be that as I find HD to be different than non-HD. I'm not put off by this slight crunchiness because it reminds me of mouse in curly or wavy hair which this is. I don't think any one would think twice about it.

I have to say, due to my lack of satisfaction in other toppers from other brands, I would consider buying Sorrel again. The shipping to me in the UK was about $40 plus £68 in VAT. That could be cost prohibitive for UK and EU folks who are looking for standard colours as they could find a similar base design locally. If these came in some of the more fashion colours with perhaps a 1B or 4 root, I think folks with black or brown hair could pull this off in fashion shades. I'm considering if I want to try one of the blondes with a root to see if I can pull off that blend with my "brown" hair.

All in all, this turned out to be a good buy for me. I find it comfy, very pretty, stable, and a good fit for my very small head. This may not be for UK or EU buyers because of the total costs and the lack of colours but for me, the colour suits mine and the fit is perfect.

Gina Christiano
Likes: Length, color, fit
Color: Beautiful highlights
Comfort and Fit:
Will Return / Have Returned
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Sorrel - Hazelnut Truffle

Pretty long brunette topper. Lots of clips so it is comfortable and secure. It’s a mix of brown highlights and has a gentle wave.

Likes: Fits well, light and nice. Length is great.
Color: Would like more options in colors. This is too light for me - I would really like an option that matches 6 (fudgesicle) or midnight cocoa from Jon renau.
Comfort and Fit:
Will Return / Have Returned
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
It’s great

Fits well, light and nice. Length is great.

Liz Lyons
Beautiful in every way

This is a simply beautiful topper. It is finely crafted with superior features better done than any other topper I have.

Hazelnut Truffle Rooted is exquisite. I would love to have it in other pieces too. Its dimensionality reflects a careful blending of many colors giving an overall appearance of brunette hair but with light strands that make the hair come to life and seem absolutely natural.

I love the length and style. It is a bit more dense than I am accustomed to but I plan to tailor it to my needs. No one makes a better hair piece.

Thank you Heather and HKK!