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New Website Walkthrough and Intro to Mew Ai

New Website Walkthrough and Intro to Mew Ai


We're excited to introduce our latest AI-enhanced features that will revolutionize your hair shopping experience. With our helpful personal shooper bot, Mew, you can now find the perfect hair products tailored to your preferences on demand!

Mew offers a real-time, on-demand consultation service. Need hair advice or styling tips? Need to know if a specific color in our catalog looks like one from another brand? Want to compare styles in our store to styles somewhere else? COOL! That's exactly what we've designed Mew to do.

In this video, we'll show you all our new website features and just how easy it is to make informed hair choices with the help of AI. We've improve the layout of the entire store, made it brighter, and cleaned up the drop down menus so it's easier to shop.

Come play with Mew, our #generativeai #wig personal shopper at our new interactive site! In this video I'll show you how can revolutionize your wig online wig shopping #customerexperience by taking the guess work out of things so you can focus on the fun! 

Time stamps:

  • Intro 0 - 1:05
  • Part 1: Guided tour of the new site 1:06 - 9:56
  • Lighter theme (but not beige aesthetic) 1:11
  • Clear product details 2:03 Improved menus 2:18
  • Intro to Mew, the genAI wig shopping assistant 2:59
  • Mew homepage demo (discovery) 3:38
  • Mew product page demo (detailed answers) 4:56
  • Example - Using Mew to compare Harlow Blonde (Wigs Forever color) to Shaded Praline (Jon Renau color also known as 12FS8) 6:20
  • Rest of guided site tour 8:36 - 9:55
  • Part 2: Why I am so stoked about Mew 9:56 Patrons 15:10

The makers of Mew want to use hairkittykitty as a potential case study. I've already offered some suggestions to the devs about ways to improve her functionality. But, we think you, the customers, are the experts in this regard. Please consider filling out this form to provide feedback: IMPORTANT: Please note that form responses are not anonymous and the devs may reach out to you for more info if you have a particularly good idea!

Have fun and enjoy playing around with Mew at hairkittykitty! 


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