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Wigs for Women 55+

Our collection of wigs and toppers for women 55+ were selected for their comfort and low maintenance. These are also some of the most popular wigs and toppers in our store for this exact same reason!

However, just because you want to feel comfortable in your hair, we don't think this should force you to compromise on style and color. 

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." 

You'll find a wide selection of natural, highlighted, rooted, and fantasy colors in this collection. We love seeing people of all ages, sizes, and skin tones embrace our unique shade range. 

1) If you find a sold-out favorite, click on that product to see the form to request us to make another batch.

2) Have fun.

3) Be sure to share a pic when you leave a review. It's so helpful to others when they can see what our products look like on real people!