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Best Wig and Topper Styles for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

CAPRICORN DATES: December 21-January 20
SYMBOL: The Sea Goat
MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Earth
HOUSE: Tenth (Public Image)
MEDITATION: Let others fail and learn from their own mistakes


Capricorn is the person you can count on to "herd cats." They have an uncanny ability to lead people through tremendous stress and chaos, into calmer territory on higher ground. Capricorn is capable of mastering almost any skill reliant on dedicated practice and long-term strategy. Capricorns can handle intense amounts of stress with grace -- and they can suffer from tremendous burnout over time. To a Capricorn, completing the goal is more important than their comfort. Learning how to balance both is usually a life-long struggle for this sign.

Side note: Never assume that Earth signs are boring just because they're stable and dependable. David Bowie was a Capricorn. That makes perfect sense when you realize that he was the master of controlling his public image. This is what Capricorn, as ruler of the 10th house, does better than anyone.

Capricorns tend to prefer fashionable styles in conservative colors. Hair Kitty Kitty has some great suggestions for our Cappie friends out there!

Try pairing your looks with these lucky colors:

Assertive earth tones like burnt ochre, onyx, pure white, chocolate brown, and olive green