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HairKittyKitty Return Policy

Our goal is to make this a smooth process.

Please read the policies below to ensure a swift turnaround for your returned items.

Return the item to us within 30 days of date of arrival.

Make sure product is in the same condition as how it arrived.

Use the return label included in your package.

Returns are free for all USA orders. No shipping fees. No Restocking fees. Returns are 100% free.

International orders are not eligible for return.

Official Return Policy (In Full):

Helping you find your hair is our #1 goal. We will gladly provide 100% free returns on all eligible* products bought by customers in the USA. We provide free return shipping and do not charge restocking fees.

International Customers: Sorry. We do not provide any returns on orders outside of the USA.

USA Customers: There are no restocking fees. We highly suggest using the shipping label generated by our automated returns system. Return shipping is 100% free for US customers -- but you have to use the system-generated prepaid label we provide to qualify!

You have 30 days to return the product to us from the date tracking indicates it was delivered to your location. You have the option of a refund via original payment method or store credit. Additional conditions are described below.

Please read the policy FAQ for eligibility requirements before you attempt to initiate a return.We are very strict about the quality controls and inspection processes for our products, including returns. A failed inspection will result in discontinuation of service. Please read all of our store policies prior to purchase.

Hair Kitty Kitty and CysterWigs are not responsible for packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. We offer an option at checkout to add Navidium Shipping Protection to your order to provide you with additional coverage. Add Navidium to your order for peace of mind: orders with this added service are guaranteed for replacement or refund if something happens to your shipment in transit. Contact our customer service to make a claim and we will handle the entire process for you.

We will process your return within 5 to 10 business days from receiving it in our warehouse. Refunds are generally issued about 2 business days later. Some payment processors (like PayPal) are very fast. Others (small regional banks) can take up to 10 days. This is out of our control once we release these funds to your bank.

Note: A wig hygiene guard is provided with almost every wig we ship for use when trying the wig on. Please wear this during your try-on. This helps to maintain the product’s eligibility for return by preventing biological scalp oils from transferring onto the interior of the item. (Remember: We are often "nose blind" to our own scalp scent; other people will not be "nose blind" to us.)

How To Return: Repackage your unused and unworn item(s)exactly how they were packaged when you receive them. (We recommend taking a picture with your phone for your reference).Follow the instructions of our automated system (USA) and get it into the mail within 10 calendar days of receipt of the product.

*Return Eligibility Requirements:


  • Wigs and toppers inoriginal factory condition (unaltered, unstyled, unworn, undamaged, containing no odor or signs of wear or styling products
  • All original packaging must be included (including free gifts, hair nets, tags, netting, etc.)
  • Must be in the mail, on its way back to uswithin 10 calendar days of the day tracking indicates it was delivered to your location

INELIGIBLE PRODUCTS (cannot be returned):

  • Altered packaging/product, worn, or damaged items are not eligible for return
  • Worn items or items containing any signs of wear including odor (sweat, smoke, BO, etc.) or styling product
  • Damaged packaging or product as well as discontinued, closeout, and last call items
  • Hair care items, accessories, wig boxes, and anything other than a standard wig or topper
  • Ineligible products returned to us will result in discontinuation of service.

1. Please contact our customer service with any questions you might have about cut, cap fit, or color before you commit your money to the purchase. Our customer service is here to help you Monday - Friday, 10 am - 6 pm ET (USA), excluding major holidays.

2. When you receive your items, make sure you take pictures of the packaging and how it is packaged. This will help you know how to repackage your item when you try to return it. This step will also help you if you think you may have received an incorrect item.

3. ALWAYS WEAR A LINER WHEN YOU TRY ON A WIG! Fun body fact: you may be "nose blind" to the scent of your own scalp. However, that doesn't mean that you'd be "nose blind" to the way a stranger's scalp smells. Our return inspectors will have that same issue. Please help us protect their sensitive sniffers and help you avoid potential embarrassment. After all, no one wants to hear that their return was rejected due to body odor. It may sound kinda gross...but let's just say that the actual experience of inspecting and sniffing wigs worn without a liner can be much yuckier than how this sounds. (And we'll leave it at that.)

4. Be careful before you try styling your wig or playing with it like an online influencer does. Remember that the majority of online wig influencers who style their hair in videos are receiving those wigs for free, get them at a dramatic discount, or are being otherwise compensated for their work in a way that offsets their risk of losing money on individual wigs. They do not (generally) need to worry about voiding their return policies because they are using that product to make money. (And more power to them!) Keep this in mind before you follow their styling advice with your new wigs and toppers. Chances are, your hard-earned money is tied up in this product.You probably didn't get it for free. You probably don't have an audience you can sell the item to if you void the return policy. (But if you do -- again, more power to you!) We want to look out for you by reminding you of these distinctions so you take care of your investment. Only style, change the part, or make the hair "yours" after you've decided that you plan to keep it. Any styling at all -- including combing or loosening up the curls -- will void your return eligibility.

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