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Top 5 Wigs to Make Statement

Top 5 Wigs to Make Statement

One of the positives I’ve experienced in my journey with hair loss has been developing the courage to have fun and take chances with my hairstyles, cuts, and colors. If I’d never experienced problems with hair loss, I honestly don’t know if I would have developed an interest in experimenting with the way I express myself through my hair (or, in this case, through my wig choice).

The wonderful thing is that this kind of experimentation is open to anyone. Whether you are experiencing permanent hair loss, temporary hair loss, thinning, or no hair loss at all, you can enjoy many ways to change up your look. Wigs are here for you.

The best thing? You can easily change your mind because wigs are easy to switch out!

Given that fact, I encourage everyone to take a chance with something that makes a statement. Here are my top five picks.

Grayson Wig – Magenta Melt Rooted

This is a classy look dressed up with some stunning color. The straight styling of this wig feels effortlessly chic, but, because the wig is heat-friendly up to 350F, you can also make the wig feel playful and free by adding some wave or curl.

The Grayson Wig in Magenta Melt Rooted transitions from neon burgundy to neon hot pink at the tips. I’m not sure you can get much more exciting than that.

It’s a nice medium length with a layered cut. So, the style works for virtually any face shape. And, though the color generally works best with cool undertones, I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from trying such a sensational look.

Danica Wig – Faded Denim Rooted

If you have cool undertones to your skin, do not underestimate the power of blue hair to make your features pop and your skin glow. The Danica Wig in Faded Denim Rooted is almost magical in the way it can bring out the beauty of cool undertones.

Dark brown roots fade into dark and medium denim blues before eventually lightening into slate blue tips. The whole effect is otherworldly. And the best part? These colors don’t fade in synthetic fibers the way they do in natural hair. So, this wig will be just as stunning in six months as it is when it arrives at your door.

Plus, this wig is heat friendly. So, you can play up the wave and curl already present or straighten them out.

Calista Wig – Prismatic Ebony Rooted

Do you like rainbows? What about wearing one? Well, you can when you put on the Calista Wig in Prismatic Ebony Rooted. The color of this wig is particularly bold and effective because the rainbow of beautiful pinks, purples, blues, reds, and yellows is juxtaposed against ebony roots and tips.

The rainbow frames the face, thanks to the pink and red bangs. And the cut suits nearly every face shape. Plus, the wig has a premium, hand-tide center part.

Ambrose Wig, 18-inch – Lilac Honey Rooted

The Ambrose is one of our most popular wigs because of the wide range of lengths and colors it offers. With charming fringe (or bangs) in the front, it suits many face shapes, and it’s easy to make the wig look natural on your head.

If you want to stand out from the crowd the 18 inch Ambrose in Lilac Honey Rooted will definitely catch the eye of the observant passerby. The wig transitions from dark roots to a warm blonde with hints of pink, but the real kicker is the bold purple that peeps out from underneath and frames your face.

Surprisingly, this color is nearly universally flattering—really, give it a try no matter what your skin tone or undertone.

And finally, like all Ambrose Wigs, this one is heat-friendly. So, you can style it using tools up to 350F.

Trinity Monofilament Wig – Mermaid Kisses Rooted

Want to feel like a shimmering, magical sea princess? Well, then the Trinity Monofilament Wig - Mermaid Kisses Rooted is what you’re looking for.

With 30 inches of premium synthetic hair, it is a luxurious waterfall of hair. Most wigs stop well short of the length that the Trinity Monofilament offers, so it’s nice to have an option for those of us who actually want some length to play with. With this much, you can enjoy up-dos, braids, and all sorts of styling.

The fibers transition from nearly straight into a wave and finally into an open curl, giving the wig a beautiful cascading effect that shows off the colors well.

Because of the weight of a wig of this length, the cap on this one offers construction that alleviates pressure points and prioritizes quality elastic for a firm but flexible fit. It also has a lace front and 100% hand-tied left part.

Finally, while this wig comes in a range of beautiful colors, Mermaid Kisses Rooted is particularly appropriate for the princess and mermaid qualities of the design.

At Hair Kitty Kitty, one of our priorities has always been making quality and style affordable and attainable for anyone who needs or wants a wig to better express their true self (in public or private). That’s why we offer high-end synthetic wigs. Synthetic fibers keep the cost down, and often extend the lifespan of the wig, and modern wig technology has created fibers that rival real hair for fineness, appearance, and texture.

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