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Easy. Convenient. B2B buying with B2C experience.

Own your own wig business. Sell your way.

HairKittyKitty is a small independent wig store owner's best friend! There is no minimum purchase requirement. Our wholesale program doesn't require a business license or force you to adhere to strict minimum advertised pricing (MAP) agreements. The conditions are easy to understand and follow. Read more for details.

Transparent terms and conditions:


  • Wholesale program is for bulk orders only. This means you must order a minimum of 10 products to qualify for the discount; products can be a combination of any wig or topper in the store.
  • Buy more, save more. Discounts improve the more you order!
  • Items are not refundable for any reason. As a reseller/distributor you are accepting responsibility for the sale of the product to the end consumer. As such, you may cut or alter the style in any way you see fit. You may remove the boxes and tags and call it by a different name (white label). We give you maximum convenience, savings, and flexibility. We only sell brand new products and never recirculate our returns without them being clearly labeled as such on the website. As you can see, we have a lot to offer small businesses, but the caveat is that all sales are final with no exceptions for any reasons.
  • You cover your own shipping costs. That is self-explanatory.
  • Wholesale program cannot be combined with other sales or discounts. You can buy retail or wholesale from our store, but you cannot combine the two in the same order.
  • No MAPs: You're putting in a lot of hard work to market and sell your own brand and services. You deserve the right to control your own margins. We do not police your stores to dictate how much you can charge for the products. We were distributors once, too. We know how hard it is and do not want to make anyone feel like they can't run their own business on their own terms. If you don't control your pricing, you don't control your business. Therefore, you can charge fair market value for products you purchase from -- however you define that as a business owner -- without any interference from your supplier (us).
  • Take your own images and make your own videos. You must ask permission from to use our images on your website, social media marketplaces, or other marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon. To ask permission, please write to
  • Sell anywhere you want. Etsy, local flea markets, brick and mortar stores,, Instagram or Facebook, Shopify - literally sell anywhere you want!
  • Simple payment terms. is not a bank and is not offering loans or NET payment agreements at this time. Payment is due at the time you place the order.


What do you need to do to purchase wholesale from


  1. Sign up for a wholesale account. Give us about 2 - 5 days to review for approval.
  2. Put an order of 10 or more products from the wholesale eligbile collection in your cart.
  3. Go to checkout.
  4. Discount will automatically apply. Note: If you want to reserve the right to return the products, you will need to deactivate the coupon at this stage.
  5. Finish checkout and payment.
  6. Wait for hair to arrive.
  7. Receive hair.
  8. Rejoice!
  9. Repeat.