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3 Gorgeous Gray Hair Wigs

Gray may not be the first color most of us think of when imagining wig colors. Popular culture has made dyeing and covering up gray hair the norm. So, maybe it seems strange to seek it out when buying a wig.

However, that cultural peer pressure to delay or hide the signs of aging has also led many of us to embrace our bodies’ natural processes and forms of expression. Many of us now want to gray naturally, let ourselves embrace the look associated with wisdom and experience.

Whether or not you have bio hair that is graying, you may find that a wig with gray hair feels more appropriate as a way of representing yourself at this point in your life. Maybe that brown or blond is beginning to feel like a false representation of all you are and all you know.

And, lucky for you, there are some really beautiful gray wig options out there. For this article, I have chosen my three favorites. Read on to find out what led me to my choices!

Heather models the standard Ambrose (14") by CysterWigs Limited in Smokeshow-R

1. Ambrose Wig – Smokeshow Rooted

This color — Smokeshow Rooted — lives up to its name: it is a smoking-hot take on gray. With a whole range of gray and gray-adjacent shades incorporated in the wig, it feels like a naturally dark hair color (dark brown or black) transitioning beautifully into a natural gray.

The lighter shades of silver around the face create a softening effect, which flatters the features. And the bangs add a splash of youthful spirit to the effect.

The length falls just below the shoulders with a nice, subtle wave to the fibers, and the cut complements oval, round, square, and diamond face shapes very well.

The Ambrose Smokeshow Rooted wig can be styled using heat, up to 350 degrees F, which gives it great flexibility for achieving different looks. You can also find it in a shorter cut: the Ambrose 10-Inch Smokeshow Rooted.

Piper by CysterWigs Limited in Illuminaughty-R

2. Piper Wig – Illuminaughty Rooted

Where the Smokeshow-R color looks like it's dark hair transitioning to gray, the Illuminaughty Rooted looks more natural on those who might have lighter bio hair. The roots are a beautiful ash brown, and highlights are a blend of pure white and luminous pearl ash platinum. So, the effect is a little less “natural” gray and a little more “stylized” gray.

All in all, this wig has an undeniable chic-ness to it. The cute, bob cut works super well with almost every face shape. The front falls around and slightly across the face, creating a classy and classic look. And the color scheme is highly flattering!

Clients rave about how much fun they have playing around with styling this wig. Like the Ambrose Wig, the Piper Wig in Illuminaughty Rooted is also heat-styling friendly. While I don’t necessarily recommend curling it or adding a wave (because the straight fibers of the wig look so great as they are), it is fun to use a straightener and experiment with having areas of the wig to fall at different angles that can highlight the qualities of your particular face shape.

Vaughn by CysterWigs Limited in Polar Ice-R

3. Vaughn Wig – Polar Ice Rooted

Now, here is a color that looks like a hair stylist got involved! This wig is not pretending to be a natural gray. With a pearl white base, soft black roots, and bright blue raspberry tips, this wig is just a darn good time. If you want to age with a little pizzazz (or stay young with a little pizzazz) this wig is for you!

I personally love blues in wigs and hair. I think blue does a lot for skin tone that natural colors simply can’t do. So, if you are feeling even the slightest bit daring, I highly encourage you to give this color a try.

Like the other wigs on this list, this wig can be heat styled at temperatures up to 350 degrees F. However, the straight fibers are very nice as they are. The longer length makes this wig perfect for all face shapes except oblong / rectangle. There is subtle fringe (bangs) in the front that you can choose to emphasize or blend in with the hair along the sides of the face.

The Vaughn Polar Ice Rooted is, honestly, more than a few people’s favorite.

I hope this article helped you feel confidant about choosing a gray wig to add to your collection. If you are buying it to express your age, the smokeshow rooted and illuminaughty rooted will both work well. But if you want to get a little wilder, the polar ice rooted is the way to go.

Find all these wigs and more at Hair Kitty Kitty. We are glad you’ve found us. Feel free to follow us on social media and let us know more about what you’re looking for from the wig marketplace and the wig-wearing community!

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