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5 Cute Bobs for Your Wig Collection

5 Cute Bobs for Your Wig Collection

Short hair for women first hit the fashion scene in the 1920s. The “bob,” as it was called, generally ended near the jaw line or shortly above the shoulder. It was not quite as short at the pixie cut, which appeared later in the century.

Ever since the ‘20s, the bob has played a role in every decade’s hairstyle choices, sometimes even superseding longer cuts as the most fashionable option. In fact, the bob acquired many interpretations as it became a hallmark look of many actresses and female icons, such as Louise Brooks in the 1920s and ‘30s, Elizabeth Taylor in the late 1940s and ‘50s, Sofia Loren and Doris Day in the 1960s, Diana Ross in the 1970s, Princess Di in the 1980s, Drew Barrymore in the 1990s, and so many more.

Not only have women found the bob practical in many settings—it’s often easier to style—but they’ve also enjoyed how cute and expressive it feels. No matter what your age, there’s something youthful about have a bob. And now, thanks to decades of styling options, we’ve put together quite the collection of short wigs for women.

Let’s take a look at my five favorites.

The Ainsley Wig

The Ainsley Wig is straight, sleek, and chic. Its 7-inch fringe frames the face well, making it an excellent choice for nearly any face shape, and giving the wearer the option of creating a classic peek-a-bang look. At 12 inches overall, it ends just above the shoulder with plentiful but subtle layering that causes it to taper inwards.

It’s heat-friendly. So, you can style it using heat up to 350F, which allows you to change up where the part falls. Plus, it’s a available in a range of colors that includes both natural and fashion color options: everything from beachy blonde to magenta.


The Charisma Wig

Here’s a wig that wants to draw attention to its layering. Like the Ainsley, it uses layering to taper in, but the Charisma Wig does so with more dramatic flair.

Part of this wig’s liveliness comes from the fact that it includes both straight and wavy sections, bringing it a lot of body on the sides and in the back. That body near the cheekbones means that, while the wig works well for many face shapes, it is an especially flattering option for triangular faces, which can sometimes be harder to accommodate.

It’s also heat-friendly and offers buyers many color choices. My favorites include Smoked Plum Rooted and Chocolate Icing Rooted.


The Felix Wig

With this wig we’ve transitioned to large, slightly untamed curls. The Felix Wig soars when worn as a fashionably styled take on the “bed head,” but because it’s heat friendly, you can play the messy factor up or down depending on what you’re going for each day.

In fact, this wig can feel quite girlishly cutesy or give off real rockstar vibes. It’s one of the most flexible looks that you’ll find. You can also play into the look you’re going for through color choice. I love it in Harlow Blonde Rooted, but there are many delightful options, from the subtle Caramel Macchiato Rooted to the Royal Velvet Rooted.

This is one of the few wigs on the list that also has genuinely obvious fringe (a.k.a. bangs).


The Piper Wig

This wig reminds me a lot of the Ainsley, but it comes in shorter at 10 inches, just skimming the jaw line, and this wig foregoes the shorter fringe for a more uniform look with subtle layering. The Piper Wig feels effortless in its cool factor. It’s not pushing boundaries, but it feels undeniably classic and stylish.

You can, however, push boundaries in your color choice because this wig has one of the widest color ranges we offer. You can stick with natural colors, like the lovely Honey Tea Rooted or Tortoiseshell Rooted. Or you can go full fashion color with choices like Indigo Swirl Rooted and Moonlit Orchid Rooted.


The Poppy Wig

Here’s a wig that brings in a gentle wave and an outward flip, for a particularly youthful and fun appearance.

At 12 inches, the outward swoop of the Poppy Wig sits just above the shoulder. And the wig is heat-friendly. So, you can restyle that swoop as needed by bringing in more curl or wave or by straightening things out a bit.

This wig is mostly available in fashion colors. I think Polar Ice Rooted and Indigo Swirl Rooted are particularly stunning.

The Hair Kitty Kitty short wig options, of course, do not stop there. For a classic 1950s feel, there’s the Willow Wig, for expressive wave with a bit of curl, look at the Anya Wig, for a shaggy ‘90s vibe, check out the Juniper Wig, and for a look reminiscent of the 1920s, consider the Honor Wig.

Whatever you choose, you’ll feel lighter and cuter with that charming short cut!

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