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5 Realistic Wigs for Women

As you may know, I spend a lot of time talking about wigs that stand out, either through the style or through the use of eye-catching fashion colors. I love these kinds of wigs, and I love that wearing wigs makes it easy to try out styles we might never have dared with our bio hair!

But I also know a lot of us want our hair to look natural and subtle for the majority of our day-to-day experience. We don’t want to stand out constantly. And we’d prefer people don’t always notice when we’re wearing a wig.

So, in order to help you look like your very best natural self, I’ve compiled a list of five of my favorite “realistic” looking wigs. I use the phrase “wigs for women” in the title because these wigs are all in traditionally feminine styles, but you should feel welcome to wear them, no matter what your gender identity.


Beckett Mono in Cocoa Swirl Rooted

The Beckett Monofilament Wig – Cocoa Swirl Rooted

This wig has a premium hand-tied lace front, which helps it to blend in with your forehead in a convincingly realistic manner. No need to mask the front of the wig using bangs or fringe! Instead, using foundation that matches your skin tone, you can achieve a particularly seamless look along the front of this wig cap.

Beckett in Cocoa Swirl Rooted is a warm brown with subtle highlights that keep the color dynamic but convincing as a realistic head of hair. Plus, the rooting is only one shade darker than the rest of the cocoa brown, which keeps the fibers from looking like they have been dramatically dyed.

With a great shoulder-length, gracefully layered cut, this wig is highly flattering, especially for anyone with gold undertones to their skin.

This wig also comes in Smokeshow (unrooted) for this who want a natural gray-haired look, which can be particularly hard to find when shopping for a wig. So, it’s a perfect option if you want to look like you are aging naturally.

Mirabella in Black Magic

Mirabella Wig – Black Magic

This wig sells out fast and frequently. That is largely due to the fact that it is subtle and understated. With a soft black/dark brown blend, the Mirabella wig in Black Magic keeps things very natural in the color department. Plus, it sports cute bangs that disguise the front of the wig cap well!

Virtually anyone can wear this color because it compliments every skin undertone. If you are a natural blonde or redhead with very light eyelashes and eyebrows, the color may seem oddly dark, but not if you darken your brows a bit and wear mascara.

Felix in Caramel Macchiato Rooted

Felix Wig – Caramel Macchiato Rooted

Here’s a wig that can play up your wild side without getting too unrealistic. In the Caramel Macchiato Rooted color, this wig stays within a natural color range while also offering you a little fun and expressiveness.

The short-cut fringe works well to mask the front of the wig cap while also framing your face. And you can play up the wavy curls of the bob cut to get a little rock star vibe or settle them into something tamer for a quieter day. The wig is heat-friendly, so your styling options are pretty diverse.

Who says realistic can’t also be a little vivacious?

Honor in Chocolate Icing Rooted

The Honor Wig – Chocolate Icing Rooted

This one is a classic page bob cut reminiscent of the 1920s, when short hair first hit the fashion world for women. The bangs scoop down to just below eyebrow level — longer than the bangs on the Felix wig — which allows you to wear them straight down or sweep them off to each side.

The Chocolate Icing Rooted color looks realistic without being monotone or boring, and it is especially flattering to cool undertones. This is an easy wig to pop on right before walking out the door, because it can look great even without much styling effort. However, if you want to change things up, you have options because the wig can be styled with tools that use heat up to 350°F. So, the look is low-maintenance but also flexible depending on the needs of the day.

Trinity Mono in Aniston Foil Rooted

Trinity Monofilament Wig – Aniston Foil Rooted

The wig market is full of so many short- and medium-length options, but rarely is there a good long-hair option that looks realistic. Fortunately, the Trinity Monofilament is here to change that. With a lace front and left part, the wig has a natural look when blended well into the forehead. And the length allows you the option of wearing the wig in more dynamic ways, such as in braids or an up-do.

The Aniston Foil Rooted color provides roots that are dark enough to look realistic on most people before transitioning to a gold “bronde” tone with honey and champagne highlights.

We’re glad we can offer you such a range of quality affordable choices here at Hair Kitty Kitty. As always, reach out if there are specific styles you are having a hard time finding!

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