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Add Layers & Trim Bangs On Any Wig | Step-By-Step Guide

Hi Wig Lovers! Here is my  tutorial on how I added layers and trimmed the bangs on Ambrose 18” by CW Limited in Strawberry Shake-R. Can you cut shorter layers? Curl this wig more? Trim the bangs more? Trim the overall length as well? Yes to all. It’s up to your imagination.





    This is a long full wig…a bit cumbersome to work with so take your time. Tip: don’t brush her but instead gently gather the hair with your hands and a wide tooth comb ( your don’t want to damage the fibers) For illustration purposes I used a wig head on a stand but pinning your wig to a styrofoam head and turning it upside down to gather the hair into a loose ponytail might be easier. 😉 Just make sure the hair is evenly gathered up ( don’t worry about making a perfect tightly gathered ponytail) on top of your head and lined up with your ears ( hint the closer the ponytail is to the front of your face the shorter the layers will be around your face. In this case I wanted balanced subtle layers throughout the interior of Ambrose.






   For demonstration purposes I let the ponytail fall to the front…keeping the ponytail straight up in a vertical position would make it easier to cut. But this way worked out just fine as well. 😉 Tip: I use duck bill clips as my extra hands. Especially helpful with this much hair.






  So with the ponytail hanging forward…start cutting…straight across nothing fancy. See how thick and blunt that initial cut is? We don’t want that. Take deep vertical snips to thin the bulk of the hair. Then start using your thinning shears to thin the ends..I would say concentrate on the last few inches.







 Take sections of hair twist and take a few snips along that section with your thinning shears.







 I run my fingers through the hair and where she seems particularly thick I snip with my thinning shears.







 Don’t be shocked when you comb the cut hair out. Wigs have plenty of hair.






Pull the ponytail straight up. Check to see if the ends are straight and wispy. If not point cut ( snip vertically into the ends) to even up those ends. If the ends look or feel too blunt still use your thinning shears in the same way as your regular scissors to thin those ends some more. Undo your ponytail and use your fingers or wide tooth comb to see how your layers look. Try it on..scrunch her up..are you happy? Wonderful go to the next step. Wish the layers were shorter? Repeat this process but this time cut the end on your ponytail with vertical snips…an inch or so at a time trying on your wig after each pass until you’re happy with the length and wispiness of the layers.







Before I trim my bangs I thin them. Often times this will be all you need. Thinning them also makes trimming them easier. I clip the top layer back so any cut marks from my thinning shears won’t be visible. To be honest they never are but if you’re new to customizing your wigs this is a good precautionary step. 







 To thin your bangs without adding any texture take horizontal cuts as close to the base of your wig as possible.






 I also thin the outer bangs so they blend into the rest of the wig seamlessly..(it’s a personal taste thing for me.)






 I mix up how I thin my bangs. I use vertical cuts, horizontal and angled cuts. Tip: If you want to keep more of the pink on your bangs try thinning the underneath bangs more ( this part of the bangs are mainly the root color 😉) This Ambrose didn’t have particularly thick bangs but I knew if I wanted to trim them this would help them look more natural.







I’ll be honest I usually trim bangs with my wig on my head. Cautionary Tip: I have had wig fibers get into my eyes before so to be on the safe side I recommend using a wig head.  Ambrose18” has 4” bangs I knew I wanted the bangs around 3”. So I pinned a tape measure where the bangs start on my wig ( I use tee pins to hold it in place) one through the hole in the top and a couple more using the tee to keep the tape in place.







Put your wig on first and measure where you want your bangs to end.







I always start with the middle section and take vertical snips. After that section is done try your wig back on to see if this length works for you







Using the trimmed middle section as a guide I trim the other two outer sections of hair.







Keep the outer sections a little longer than the front. Try her on and adjust the length if need be. 







Here is the final result. You did it! The results are subtle because I wanted to keep the style of Ambrose 18” but modify her for my face. For reference I’m 5’5” with a 21.25” head circumference and a 7.5” length face. Enjoy 💁


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