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Fringe Benefits: Wigs With Bangs-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

Fringe Benefits: Wigs With Bangs

Bangs (or, as some people call them, a fringe) have become really popular lately in a pretty wide variety of lengths. They can help to frame certain face shapes especially well. They can mask wrinkles and signs of aging. And they can provide a softer (and sometimes “cuter”) look.

Plus, wearing a wig with fringe can help the front of the wig look more natural. You won’t have to work as hard to make the front blend seamlessly into your forehead.

Wigs with fringe can work for every face shape.

Heart and Inverted Triangle will look especially youthful with bangs. Oblong and rectangle faces will benefit from the shortening effects. Oval and diamond faces will look particularly great with a slightly mussy fringe. Round faces require a slightly longer fringe to balance the face shape.

Bangs can work well on square face as long as the length of the wig as whole does not end right at the jawline. If you have a square face, remember to choose a wig length that ends above or below the jaw. And fringe can add body and volume to the top of a wig to balance a pear or triangle-shaped face!

Whether you want to find a wig with fringe because you wear wigs on a daily basis and it’s a style you know you would love, or whether you want to try out having bangs without cutting your own hair, here are some of my favorite wigs with bangs from our collection:

Ambrose by CWL in Illuminaughty-R

The Ambrose Wig

The Ambrose Wig is a popular choice because it offers such variety. The wig comes in a wide array of colors and lengths. It’s got a lot of body to it with big, looping, “messy” curls, which sit higher on the shorter lengths and farther down on the longer length.

Because of the range of lengths (10 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches), it works well with a wide array of face shapes, but it is particularly well suited to oval/diamond, round, square, and heart/inverted triangle.

And, since it offers such a range of color options, you can easily find one that compliments your skin tone. Feel luxurious in Royal Velvet-R, go ice queen in Illuminaughty Rooted, or show off some beachy waves with Barbie Dreams Rooted.

Plus, this wig is heat-styling friendly, meaning you can refine the curls, mess them up a little more, or try out a straighter look and never ruin your wig.

Felix by CysterWigs Limited in Molten Copper-R

The Felix Wig

The Felix Wig is another winner for a wide variety of face shapes and skin tones. It has a messy / artistic meets styled / chic look with very lively large and short curls on the sides and a shorter and more uniformly cut fringe. Because the fibers are designed to allow heat styling, you can push the wig in either a messy or a chic direction with a little styling.

I personally love to give it a styled bed-head vibe, which I find especially fun with the Molten Copper Rooted and Harlow Blonde Rooted colors.

The wig offers the shortest fringe we carry. The fringe will end above or right at your eyebrows, depending on the length of your forehead and how you wear your wig.

Vaughn by CysterWigs Limited in Magenta Melt-R

The Vaughn Wig

The Vaughn Wig is the straight-hair wig option on this list. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to remain straight because, guess what: it’s heat styling-friendly!

It also has the longest fringe on the list – 5 and a half inch bangs. Of course, with long bangs, you always have the option of trimming them to your liking if you want something shorter.

This wig works for a lot of face shapes, and it currently comes in six different colors, which range from the soft and mild Peach Bellini Rooted to the delightfully intense and magnetic Magenta Melt Rooted.

I’ll admit to loving the Polar Ice Rooted, but then I’m a fan of a little blue flair in the hair.

Honor by CysterWigs Limited in Caramel Macchiatio-R
Special Mention: The Honor Wig

I’m choosing The Honor Wig as a special mention because it’s a very specific look (the classic bob) that is currently offered in only two colors. However, it’s such a gorgeous wig. And the 1920s vibes it gives off, thanks to the shape and style, make this wig particular memorable and classy.

Juniper by Wigs Forever in Cheerwine Sangria

Other wigs with fringe include The Juniper Wig, which offers a shattered layers look, and The Mirabella Wig (main blog image, at the top), which has a classic wave.

As you can tell, it was hard to narrow this list down to my three favorites! But then my love of wigs is pretty epic. I just adore how many styles I can try!

I hope you will look over all of the options at HairKittyKitty. We bet you’ll find something that strikes your fancy. Get daring, have fun, and enjoy the fact that you can switch up your look with the ease of swapping one wig for another!

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