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25 Words to Remember When Shopping Online For Hair

25 Words to Remember When Shopping Online For Hair

Welcome to our quick and easy guide to wig words!
Whether you're considering a wig for fashion, convenience, or medical reasons, understanding the key points about wigs is essential for making an informed decision. In this blog post, we'll explore a wide range of topics related to wigs, from different wig types and construction techniques to important terms and features.
By the end of this guide, you'll have a solid foundation of knowledge to help you navigate the world of wigs with confidence. So let's dive in and unravel the mysteries surrounding these versatile hairpieces!
  1. 3/4 Wig or Fall: A hairpiece that covers the back half of the head and is worn with your own hair in the front to blend with it. It can be attached with combs or clips.

  2. Braids: Hand-braided hairpieces that blend with your own hair, adding length and texture.

  3. Cap: The base of the wig to which the hair is attached.

  4. Chignon: A small hairpiece worn as a bun on the lower back of the head.

  5. Claw Clip: A hair clip with two claws used for easy attachment and removal.

  6. Color Ring: A manufacturer's ring of color swatches for accurate color selection.

  7. Cuticle: The outer layer of the hair follicle, consisting of cuticle, cortex, and medulla.

  8. Ear Tabs: Open ear tabs allow for wearing glasses, while closed ear tabs provide full coverage in front of the ear.

  9. Extended Neck: An additional extension sewn to the bottom of the wig cap, providing more coverage for the nape hairline.

  10. Fibers: Different types of fibers used in wigs include human hair blend and WhisperLite® fiber, which is lighter and more natural-looking.

  11. Hand-Tied: Hand-tied features include hand-tied crown, hand-tied ear tabs, hand-tied front, and 100% hand-tied, providing a natural look and styling flexibility.

  12. Kanekalon Fiber: A popular synthetic fiber used in wigs known for its durability and natural appearance.

  13. Lace Front: Wigs with a sheer lace front that creates a natural hairline and allows for off-the-face parting.

  14. Monofilament: Monofilament features include monofilament front, part, top, and crown, offering a natural hairline and greater styling flexibility.

  15. Nape: The area at the back of the neck where the bottom of a wig fits against the head.

  16. PermaLift: Adds volume to the wig style without adding weight.

  17. PermaTease: Provides volume to the wig fibers and overall fullness.

  18. Skin Part: Gives the illusion of skin where the wig is parted, providing a natural look.

  19. T-Pins: Small, T-shaped metal pins used to secure a wig or hairpiece to a Styrofoam or canvas head.

  20. Velvet Band: A soft velvet-like band stitched inside the front edge of the wig for added comfort.

  21. Velcro® Adjustable Strap: Elastic straps with Velcro closures that allow adjusting the wig's circumference for a better fit.

  22. Wefting: Different wefting techniques include left/right wefts at the crown and thin wefting for increased ventilation and comfort.

  23. Wig Liner: A lightweight, stretchable cap worn under a wig to hold the existing hair flat and prevent slipping.

  24. Wig Sizes: Wigs come in multiple sizes, ranging from mini petite to large, ensuring a perfect fit for comfort and security.

  25. Wig Types: Different types of wigs include full wigs, half wigs, lace front wigs, monofilament wigs, and synthetic wigs.

In conclusion, wigs offer a fantastic solution for anyone seeking to change their hairstyle, enhance their natural hair, or explore new looks. From human hair to synthetic fibers, lace fronts to monofilament tops, the variety of wig options available ensures there's something for everyone. By understanding the different wig types, construction techniques, and key terms related to wigs, you'll be better equipped to choose the perfect wig that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you're aiming for a glamorous transformation or a subtle enhancement, wigs provide endless possibilities for expressing your personal style. So go ahead, embrace the world of wigs, and let your creativity shine!

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