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Trinity Deep Dive: Learn about the cap construction

Hi there, Wig Lover! This is a "deep dive" into the cap of one of our indie name brand creations for the Wigs Forever and CysterWigs Limited Line. This is a behind-the-scenes blog coming directly from me -- Heather, the designer of these wigs -- so you can learn about the decisions made and what goes into making them. Let's dive right in!

Note: None of the images in this article have been filtered or Photoshopped.

Trinity by Wigs Forever in Mermaid Kisses Rooted

This is Trinity by Wigs Forever seen in the color Mermaid Kisses Rooted. Trinity was a project I knew I wanted to take on early in the wig design process. I've always personally found it very frustrating that medical wigs seem to max out at about 22 - 23" to keep things "realistic." But, some fortunate folks out there can actually grow hair much longer than this. What if I want hair like that when I grow up? What if having whatever hair I want is the entire point for myself and other hardcore wig-loving alternative hair wearers like me? What if I not only want a "boob-hugger" wig, but a "booty-kisser" wig too? Furthermore, are there people out there that can read these phrases about "booty" and "boob" and not be disturbed by them?

Clearly, Trinity is 30" of decadence that solves all these vitally important questions of our times.

Trinity by Wigs Forever in Illuminaughty Rooted

Let's start off with the most basic fact: Trinity has a lot of hair. This is NOT a light-density wig. Consider the density to be about 150%. While Trinity is lighter than cheapie wigs of this length, the weight of the wig on your head and shoulders should be expected while you wear it.

I put my expertise with different cap features and builds to good use here and designed the cap on Trinity with your comfort in mind.

The side view of the cap on Trinity by Wigs Forever

Trinity is a premium medical-grade monofilament synthetic wig. The ear-tabs are sturdy and structural, and the seams, nape, and ear tabs are covered with soft felt to minimize pressure points and ensure a comfortable fit.

A more detailed annotated view of Trinity by Wigs Forever

Aside from just the fantastic hair, Trinity also has a very high-end cap construction. This is an up close and personal shot of the left-side parting area on the top of Trinity. Like our Beckett, this wig does not come with a zig-zag part.

Up close image of the lace front and monofilament side part on Trinity by Wigs Forever

For starters, there is an epic amount of felt all over the seams on the top, bottom, and sides of this wig. The felt helps the wig stay in place over a bald head, makes the inside of the wig softer overall, and alleviates pressure points that can sometimes come from wearing a wig all day long. The left-side parting area and lace front are a stiff kind of Swiss lace that is designed to mold itself to the contours of your head without bubbling or puckering. (If you get puckering on one of our wigs, chances are that the cap size is too large for you. Size down or try altering the cap.)

The underside of the cap on Trinity by Wigs Forever

Note that unlike our Beckett wig, there is no seam between the generous monofilament parting area and the lace front on Trinity.

Annotated image of the underside of the cap on Trinity Mono by Wigs Forever

Trinity has an extended felt nape with premium velcro adjusters

Our attention to these details on Trinity results in a lusciously long head of locks that looks great in close-up selfie shots . . .

Trinity by Wigs Forever looks great in close up shots

. . . but where Trinity by Wigs Forever really shines is when you take images of the whole thing. This is a great wig to compliment body shots, particularly on Instagram. I mean, take a look at all the cascades of curls! It's absolutely mermaid princess realness.

The back of Trinity by Wigs Forever

The sides of Trinity by Wigs Forever

The front of Trinity by Wigs Forever

Trinity is hair designed for a goddess -- or literally anyone who wants a short cut to having hair like one. I hope that if you buy her and love her as much as I do, you will consider telling a friend or even leaving a review for our other customers here on hairkittykitty. If you feel genuinely inspired, consider signing up for our Kitty Clique affiliate program! You can earn 10% commission on every qualifying referral sale to our store.

Click HERE to learn more about Trinity and see colors available.
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