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What Are High-End Synthetic Wigs?

There are a lot of options these days when you try to shop for hair online. In fact, between all the various options, $20 cheap Amazon wigs, jargony buzzwords, influencer endorsements, and scammy wig stores, it can seem like narrowing down your options is a little like a never ending game of whack-a-mole.

This is why I thought my first blog post for Hair Kitty Kitty should get right to the heart of the matter: What is a premium synthetic wig, exactly?

What the heck are premium synthetic wigs? Is that really a thing? (Hint: YES!)

Defining this is the easy part. A premium synthetic wig, like the ones sold at, is lighter, less constricting, more durable, more comfortable, and generally more realistic looking than cheaper alternatives.

This gets complicated once you get beyond the basics. For example, there are many realistic looking options in the BBSS marketplace that have "melted" hairlines and transparent lace. Defining this difference takes a little familiarity with wigs. Those BBSS wigs are meant to go over a full head of hair. They also generally require adhesives to keep the lace in place. Furthermore, the lace used in the front of a BBSS wig is going to be easily damaged, is prone to snagging, and is kind of flimsy. Premium synthetic wigs meant for a medical wig market, by comparison, will have a stiffer Swiss lace that is more durable, maintains its shape better, and generally does not require trimming or adhesives to wear.

Maybe you are a performer shopping for a wig to try out a fresh look. Maybe you are hoping to find a solution for medical hair-loss that will compliment your face and style. Or maybe you are just looking to use a wig as part of your everyday look.

Too many options can sometimes make wig shopping a scary overwhelming chore

Whatever the case, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. There are so many brands, styles, and materials! And some get really pricey. But, no fear, there’s now a category of wig that matches quality with accessibility and ease of maintenance: the high-end synthetic wig!

If you have ever looked at high-end human hair wigs, you probably noticed that the good ones cost an enormous amount of money. Plus, you can run into difficulties with human hair when it comes to upkeep. Human hair can prove harder and more time-consuming to style. The color often does not hold for as long as it does in synthetic wigs. And weather factors – such as humidity – can affect the wig in ways you didn’t expect.

However, you hardly want to opt for the Halloween store synthetic wig that looks like it was styled by an abstract artist on a bad day or like a wild animal got stuck on the top of your head.

So, here is where the high-end synthetic wig comes in.

What are synthetic wigs made of?

What Are High-End Synthetic Wigs Made From?

Synthetic wigs are not a new invention, but they have come a long way from the wigs of yesteryear. These days, you can find high quality synthetic wigs that look just like human hair.

Being “synthetic” means that the fibers do not actually come from humans or animals. They are made of a variety of manufactured materials, which include acrylic, polyester, and Kanekalon – a modacrylic fiber made using Japanese technology. The fibers for high-quality wigs are chemically processed to make them softer and finer so that they appear like human hair rather than plasticky or fake.

Is it possible to heat style synthetic wigs?

Can I Style a Synthetic Wig?

Thanks to modern technology, we have developed synthetic fibers that can withstand heat for styling purposes. These synthetic fibers actually take heat styling very well, and the style usually lasts significantly longer than it would in human hair.

However, do not assume you can style any synthetic fiber wig these days. The ones that are made for styling will say explicitly that they are heat-styling friendly.

Let’s take a look at some wigs at HairKittyKitty to get a sense of the range available nowadays.

This is our Honor Wig in Caramel Macchiato Rooted.

The Honor Wig – Caramel Macchiato Rooted

This one is a beauty! Caramel Macchiato is one of our most popular colors because it flatters many shades of skin. Plus, the cut bring out the best in a wide range of face shapes.

The high cut on the back of this wig does require that your hairline end high enough that it will not show. So, if you have a particularly low hairline on the back of your neck, you may need to trim it or consider a wig with a longer cut.

This is Anya in Moonlit Orchid Rooted

The Anya Wig – Moonlit Orchid Rooted

Add a pop of color and pizazz to your everyday look with this wig’s lovely lavender. It’s got a loose curl to compliment face shapes of all kinds. And its open cap design allows it to breathe well. Plus, it has lots of elastic in the back for addition stretch and a wide range of comfortable fits.

Ambrose in Shimmerwood Rooted

Ambrose Wig- Shimmerwood Rooted

Here is a beach-approved option that is also fully heat-styling friendly up to 350 degrees! Its blend of color looks spunky but totally natural. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for that stylishly mussy flair, a dash of spritely energy and girlish fun. The color works for all skin types except for those with deep olive undertones.

Vaughn by CysterWigs Limited in Magenta Melt-R

Vaughn Wig – Magenta Melt Rooted

This one is another stunner that you can style with heat up to 350 degrees. The neon ombre effect of the hot pink really pops against the dark roots. It is an expertly dyed combo. Plus, with the length, you will enjoy the opportunity to experiment with the wig’s styling.

Calista by Wigs Forever in Tahitian Sunset

Calista Wig – Tahitian Sunset

This wig is unrooted, meaning its beautiful auburn color goes right from root to tip. While it has a hard front rather than a lace one, it does sport a 100% hand-tied monofilament middle part. And it has a generous fringe you can wear long or trim to a shorter length.

Those are just a few of the many options we offer. And, because we know the choices can be daunting, we have designed our site so that, when you shop at HairKittyKitty, you can choose to explore products by style, face shape, fiber, brand, and so much more. Enjoy!!!

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