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10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dark Theme for Your Ecommerce Store

Dark backgrounds use less energy to help you save cell phone battery life, while also being easier on your eyes.

Image Credit: Facebook

Below are 10 reasons why you should consider adopting this trend for your site, as well:

  1. Dark themes use less of your mobile phone battery life
  2. Dark themes use less blue light which makes it easier to browse these websites at night without sleep disruptions
  3. Dark themes (when well planned) make it easier for your eyes to focus on the screen without strain or blurring
  4. Dark themes with light text are generally the default for any coding apps -- and it is used precisely because it reduces eye strain
  5. Dark themes give your website a more deliberate "mood"
  6. Dark themes (when well planned) can allow colors, product images, and text to stand out more than when up against a pure white background
  7. Dark themes have no impact on SEO; Google and Bing are more interested in the content and context of keyword density on the pages than the colors you use in your design
  8. Dark themes allow videos to stand out more, so if you have video-dominant content on a lot of your website, you may want to consider using a dark theme
  9. Dark themes allow more artistic use of space between page elements, making the space between elements very meaningful
  10. Dark themes can help you stand out from the crowd because it's contrary to the normal bright white backgrounds that are typical of ecommerce sites

Most ecommerce sites, including tech giants like Amazon, use bright white backgrounds with high contrast black text as the basis of their user experience (UX) design. A new trend in UX has been emerging since 2020 consisting of dark backgrounds with virtually no pure white or blue tones. Hair Kitty Kitty (our store) has jumped on this trend because it represents a perfect synthesis of form and function.

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