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Long Brown Wigs Everyone Can Love

Brunette wigs are consistently some of the most popular options we carry. Many of them sell out quickly, and for good reason: brown hair is not only flattering and stylish on many faces and skin tones but it is also a natural-looking option for most people.

The vast majority of people world-wide (over three-quarters of the global population) have dark brown or black hair. Lighter brown hair is the second-most represented hair color with about 11% of the population. Blonde hair and red hair, meanwhile, make up only 3% and 2% of the world’s natural hair color, respectively.

So, in all likelihood, the roots of your bio hair are dark, which makes brown an appealing wig color. And, at Hair Kitty Kitty, we offer some truly beautiful options in shades of brown.

Today, I’m going to focus on the longer lengths, which I find especially elegant and eye-catching. Most of these brown wigs are particularly complementary for skin with warm undertones, like gold. However, all of them work well to bring warmth to a wide range of skin tones.

Trinity Mono by Wigs Forever in Ginger Snap

Trinity Monofilament Wig – Ginger Snap

The Trinity Monofilament Wig is just a stunner. At 30 inches in length, it looks and feels like the tresses of a goddess or enchantress. And the length allows the wig to transition gradually from near-straight smoothness into light waves that become looping curls at the ends of the fibers. The length also works well with all face shapes.

The rich, spicy brown of this wig is unrooted. So, it’s a warm shade with subtle highlights going from the cap to the end of each fiber. You can bring out the beautiful colors even more by accenting your makeup choices with bits of cinnamon, copper, or bronze.

The pre-trimmed medical-grade prosthetic lace and 100% hand-tied front and side part will help you blend this wig into your forehead smoothly.

With the stylish body of this wig, you’ll be free to decide whether you want to wear it up, down, in braids, or in any number of other ways.

Trinity Mono by Wigs Forever in Cocoa Swirl-R
You can also choose the same wig in Cocoa Swirl if you want a lighter brown with more defined highlights.

Ambrose 18" by CysterWigs Limited in Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Rooted

Ambrose 18" Wig – Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rooted

The Ambrose Wig at the 18-inch length has a delightful bohemian vibe, which you can choose to play up or play down through the way you style it. Your options are especially wide-reaching in terms of styling because the wig is heat-friendly up to 350F. So, you can make the wig’s waves into curls or straighten them out, or you can enjoy an up- or partially-up-do.

In Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rooted, the wig transitions from dark roots into light and medium browns with eye-catching and expressive pastel pink highlights. So, it is a great gateway wig into experimenting with some fashion colors in your wig choice and personal expression.

The 4-inch straight fringe keeps the look of the wig youthful and works well with oval, diamond, round, square, heart, and inverted triangle face shapes.

Ambrose Regular (14") by CysterWigs Limited in Tortoiseshell Rooted

You can also check out the Ambrose Wig in the new 10-inch and original 14-inch lengths. In these shorter lengths, you have the option of a couple more brunette shades: Tortoiseshell Rooted and Chocolate Icing Rooted.

Ambrose 10" by CysterWigs Limited in Chocolate Icing Rooted

Beckett Monofilament – Cocoa Swirl Rooted

Beckett Mono by Wigs Forever in Cocoa Swirl Rooted

The color of the rooted part of this Beckett Monofilament Wig is only one shade darker than the shade further down the fibers, which makes for a more realistic transition. This design choice means the appearance is more natural but still maintains dynamic contrast.

The 14-inch length (which falls a little below the shoulder) gives the wig plenty of space to showcase its lovely chocolate and vanilla vibes. The color blends a base of medium chocolate brown with golden champagne highlights that soften the feeling of the wig and bring a nice liveliness to its effect.

With 100% hand-tied front and side part features, the wig can blend easily into the forehead.

Because of the great color choice and because the styling of the cut works well for many face shapes, this wig often sells out. So make sure to snag it when you see it available!

Heather models Beckett by Wigs forever in Cocoa Swirl Rooted

As you can see, our brunette options bring all kinds of flair and class to a color that works beautifully for many people. You can choose to keep your browns in purely natural shades or mix in a little fashion color!

From the 30-inch length that feels so ethereal and versatile to the beachy brown waves of shorter options, these wigs bring you fun and the opportunity for creativity and expression.

At Hair Kitty Kitty, we love bringing you options that help you make the looks that you envision in your head into realities. We want to make sure that you always feel free to share with us what you’re looking for, so that we can imagine future designs based on your feedback and your needs!

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