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My Top 5 Favorite Colorful Wigs (So Far)

Hi there, Wig Lover! I'm Shannon and I'm a guest blogger here at Hair Kitty Kitty. When I first started wearing wigs, I was wearing them because I was dealing with hair loss. For me, wigs were not originally a fun way to try out new styles and colors. But, fortunately, I became more experimental and daring over time. As I expanded my wig collection, wearing more and more colorful wigs become part of my daily life. And it’s now something I thoroughly enjoy.

Here are my favorite colorful wigs at so far!

When I refer to colorful wigs, there are really a couple major categories I guess I could break that into: 1. natural (or mostly natural) looking colors and 2. fun, clearly artificial or “dyed-looking” colors. Honestly, I like both. Some of the wigs that veer into the blues and pinks are my favorite one to put on when I want to brighten up my day.

There are also two major color categories when it comes to wigs: rooted and unrooted. Unrooted means there is a consistent color from cap to tip on each strand of hair. Rooted wigs, on the other hand, mimic the look of someone who might dye or highlight their hair: there are darker “roots” near the wigs cap that give way to lighter colors an inch or two further down.

Many of my favorite colors are rooted, but there are great looks in both categories. And even unrooted wigs can have dynamic variation among strands.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the colors of my five favorite colorful wigs.

Trinity by Wigs Forever in Mermaid Kisses-R

Mermaid Kisses Rooted

This color makes me feel like a princess. It is truly like being kissed by a magical being. The roots are a light brown, but, within an inch and a half they give way to a soft blending of platinum, pink, and seafoam. The colors feel like gentle touches and have a softening effect that compliments many shades of skin. Try this one on days when you want to feel lighter and little more ethereal.

Anya by Wigs Forever in Prismatic Ebony-R

Prismatic Ebony Rooted

With the cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as its inspiration, this blend takes color to the next level. Because of the deep ebony roots and tips, the wig’s rainbow of colors (which appears mid-strand) really pops. We include this color amongst our wigs that can compliment any skin tone – especially when you throw in a flash of eye shadow.

Felix by CysterWigs Limited in Caramel Macchiato-R

Caramel Macchiato Rooted

Here’s a color that I would place in the more “natural” category, but it still has plenty of vivacious energy and sparkle. From dark brown roots, the strands quickly transition into a warm caramel color with hints of champagne. It’s one of our most popular wig colors because it’s so flattering and works with so many different kinds of looks. I mean, what day doesn’t improve with a good caramel macchiato, right?

Trinity by Wigs Forever in Cheerwine Sangria

Cheerwine Sangria

Here is one of the unrooted wig colors, and it’s a stunner. I especially love this color in a long wig where it has plenty of space to show off. It has a delightful blend of both cool and warm undertones, meaning it doesn’t go too much towards orange or too purple but, instead, finds a perfect medium and rich red. To me, this color feels a little witchy and wise.

Bardot by CysterWigs Limited in Faded Denim-R

Faded Denim Rooted

Denim: it’s got that all-American vibe. I honestly never thought I would be into blue as a hair color. But that all changed when I tried out my first faded denim rooted wig. With dark roots and blue highlights that work their way from deep blue to slate blue, the color on this wig is not only dynamic but also shockingly flattering. It’s nice in a number of lengths, but medium to long allow the blue to attain its full effect.

Beckett by Wigs Forever in Moonlit Orchid-R
I know I said five, but, as an honorable mention, I have to add Moonlit Orchid Rooted to the list. This color couples ash brown roots with true lilac and muted violet. It’s a wig color that works well for olive skins tones, but I enjoy it against my paler skin as well.

When I started wearing wigs on a regular basis, I learned that playing around with color was one of the greatest joys I got to experience on a daily basis. Because a wig is easier to switch out than permanent hair dye, I found it was so much easier and less risky to get experimental. I tried out colors and cuts I would never have dared if I’d been stuck with only my real hair.

Whatever your original purpose for seeking out a wig might be, I hope that you let yourself find some fun in the experience. Let yourself think outside your usual expectations. Wearing a wig can be freeing and fun.

At Hair Kitty Kitty, we want to create a fun, supportive, and informative place for out customers to learn more about what they might like and what we have to offer. We wish you all the best!

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