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CysterWigs Limited

Ainsley Wig - Magenta Melt Rooted

Magenta Melt Rooted

Hey, cool cats and indie rockers! 🎸 Step into the world of Ainsley from the CysterWigs Limited Collection, where every color is a new level to conquer. Up next, "Magenta Melt Rooted" - a shade so rad, it's like a power-up for your style game. Dive into the electric vibes of super hot magenta neon pink, and get ready to rock those stages (or just your local coffee shop). The black roots? They're the bassline to this epic track, grounding the neon in a world of indie cool.


  • Color: Magenta Melt Rooted
  • Product Weight: 4.0 oz
  • Hair Fiber: Premium Heat-Friendly Synthetic
  • Hair Length: Fringe: 7", Crown: 13", Nape: 3.5", Overall: 12"
  • Hair Texture: Natural
  • Hair Style: Fashion Wig
  • Cap Size: Average (Adjustable for Average-Petite)
  • Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F, Felt for Comfort

Style Tip:
Want to level up? Style Ainsley with some edgy waves, letting those black roots give off that garage band vibe. Pair with a band tee and some combat boots, and you're set to take on the world (or at least the next gig).

Extra Life:
Every Ainsley wig comes in a retro vinyl bag, complete with a CysterWigs liner. It's like the bonus track to your indie album, giving you that extra edge and comfort.

Ready to rock the scene and maybe save the world (or just have an epic hair day)? Grab Ainsley in Magenta Melt Rooted and let the adventure begin! 🎤🎮🤘