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Ambrose 10 Inch Wig - Millionaire's Shortbread Rooted

millionaires shortbread rooted

Ambrose 10" in Millionaire's Shortbread Rooted is where elegance meets warmth. Imagine a rich base of warm caramel brown, elevated with fashion-forward pale gold blonde highlights, meticulously gracing only near the face. Dark brown roots anchor this masterpiece, crafting an aesthetic of both depth and luxury. The wig's natural texture and shine, combined with its heat-friendly synthetic prowess, offers styling flexibility up to 350 degrees.


  • Color Shown: Millionaire's Shortbread Rooted
  • Product Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Hair Fiber: Premium Heat-Friendly Synthetic
  • Hair Length: Fringe: 4", Crown: 10.5 - 12", Nape: 4.5"- 6", Overall: 10"
  • Hair Texture: Soft Waves
  • Hair Style: Short Wig
  • Cap Size: Average (Adjustable for Average-Petite)
  • Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F, Felt for Comfort

Style Tip: To truly showcase this high-end coloration, consider pulling it half up using chic clips. It's a subtle yet effective way to let those exquisite gold highlights frame your face, adding a touch of opulence to your look.

For those who understand the transformative power of hair, Millionaire's Shortbread Rooted offers both luxury and warmth in one stylish package. And remember, CysterWigs always sweetens the deal with a complimentary wig liner. Keep shining, keep evolving. 🌟🍪

Customer Reviews

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ruth gibbins
Likes: just the right amount of hair
Color: could use more highlites
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Perfect
NPS score:
Very different But cute

i had been wearing this style in the iluminaughty so a real difference ..but with the right makeup, head band and outfit is really growing on me..
with your pricing and so many styles and colors ..U really put the fun in wig wearing ...Thanks so much..