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Ambrose 10 Inch Wig - Peach Bellini Rooted

Peach Bellini Rooted

Ambrose 10" in Peach Bellini Rooted is like a southern sunset on a warm summer evening. That ripe country peach is dancing cheek-to-cheek with two shades of pink - one ashy, the other a subdued coral - like the signature colors of "blush" and "bashful" from cousin Shelby's wedding. Dark roots adding depth, the wig's silky texture has subtle healthy hair shine, plus its heat-friendly up to 350 degrees. You'll be turning heads and winning hearts like the belle of the cotillion.


  • Color Shown: Peach Bellini Rooted
  • Product Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Hair Fiber: Premium Heat-Friendly Synthetic
  • Hair Length: Fringe: 4", Crown: 10.5 - 12", Nape: 4.5"- 6", Overall: 10"
  • Hair Texture: Soft Waves
  • Hair Style: Short Wig
  • Cap Size: Average (Adjustable for Average-Petite)
  • Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F, Felt for Comfort

Style Tip: Darlin’, if you really want to embrace that southern belle vibe, pin up a side with a floral clip. Let those shades of pink play and tease, making you the belle of the ball.

Now, for all you lovely ladies out there, this wig ain't just a fashion statement, it's a mood, a feeling, a southern embrace. Ambrose 10" comes flat packed and my require some simple styling before wear. And with a complimentary wig liner, it's like getting a little hug with your purchase. Stay sweet, stay sassy, and always keep it colorful! 🍑🌸

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Barbara Ling
No longer on the fence

I first bought Ambrose when she made her debut. I didn’t care too much for her then because she had so darn much hair. I took my thinning shears to her and tried to thin her out. I even shortened her up in the back. Needless to say, because I was a novice at this, she didn’t fair too well. I didn’t care too much for the center swirl in the cap construction either. So, I sat on the fence for about a year. But then, Ambrose became available in the shorter 10” version. And there were a number of ladies out there who showed how you could manipulate this wig. So, I decided to try again. This time I had much more experience in working with my wigs and I am quite satisfied with the results of my efforts. So much so, that I have purchased her in three colors now. Peach Bellini, Illuminaughty R and Just recently, Moonlit Orchid R (no pics yet). Ambrose is fast becoming one of my “Go-To” wig styles. I love how care free the waves are and these colors are just too much fun to wear! If your looking for a fun, carefree style in lots of colors I highly recommend Ambrose 10”! What color should I try next?😊

Kathleen Ryan
Peach Bellini-R Screams Summer on Ambrose 10”

I forgot how much I love this color Peach Bellini-R. Not too warm not too light not too bright but just right. The root is a medium brown and is blended perfectly into the base color. I love this newer 10” version of Ambrose so when I saw this wig was WOTW ( 45% off) I picked one up really fast. I like to play/customize/tweak etc my wigs. This time I thinned her and trimmed her bangs and trimmed the front a bit. This style is so sweet and these fibers are so soft and since they are HF aren’t shiny. So comfy ..I highly recommend Ambrose 10” in Peach Bellini-R and HairKittyKitty 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻💕

Glad you liked it, Kathleen!