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Ambrose Wig - Moonlit Orchid Rooted

Moonlit Orchid Rooted
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Step into a world of ethereal elegance with Ambrose in Moonlit Orchid. This shade is a symphony of pastel purple hues, reminiscent of dreamy moonlit nights. The darker roots anchor the look, adding depth and dimension to this captivating color. Embrace this hue, perfect for all seasons, as it accompanies you on daily adventures with unmatched style. And thanks to the heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can style up to 350 degrees without batting an eyelash at pesky humidity.


  • Color Shown: Moonlit Orchid Rooted
  • Average size cap: Will also accommodate average-petite when adjusted
  • Fringe: 4"
  • Crown: 10.5 - 12"
  • Nape: 4.5"- 6"
  • Overall: 14"
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Features: Alopecia-Friendly, Heat-Styling up to 350F. Felt for Comfort

Style Tip:
Pair this pastel beauty with a crisp white ensemble and maybe even a crown of wildflowers, letting the soft purple tones dance and shimmer in the sunlight.

🌙 Extra Perks 🌙
Venture into CysterWigs’ magical realm, crafted with love in the USA. Revel in our enchanting color spectrum, unrivaled comfort, and a price that’s nothing short of a fairy tale. With Moonlit Orchid, you're not just wearing a wig, you're embracing a dream. #PastelDreamscapes 💜

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristin Hergert
Love, love, love my Ambrose!

I have three Ambrose wigs so I guess you can say I love them!
The colors I purchased are Ravens and Roses, Moonlit Orchid and Smoke show.
The style and length are wonderful.
Maybe a fourth is in my future!

ruth gibbins
Likes: i enjoy this length..not too long for a 70 something lady..
Color: soft and becoming
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Average
NPS score:
Soft beautiful color

this is my 3rd and i have this color in 4 other styles you offer..
it isnt too over the top..
i always put these colors on in natual light so i am sure to get my lip color and blush just right ...i feel all of these beautiful wigs give us the nudge we need to wear makeup..