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Danica Wig - Moonlit Orchid Rooted

Moonlit Orchid Rooted

We love purple hair. And we mean every shade of purple hair. Moonlit Orchid Rooted isn't grey, or blonde, or white: it's light purple in every kind of lighting. Check it out on our 23" Danica wig -- it's a knockout combination!

Moonlit Orchid Rooted is our signature rooted light purple hair color

Q: How do I store a wig long term?

The easiest way to store wigs you are not wearing is in a wig box. If the wig came in a box, take note of how it was packaged so you can duplicate it. (We recommend taking a picture with your cell phone before you remove it from its packaging.) We also sell deep premium acid-free wig boxes if you need one. A clean synthetic wig can last 20 years or more in a box without you checking on it, conditioning it, or even remembering that it exists. It's like a hairy time capsule. Enjoy!



Alopecia-friendly cap designs | Fashion wigs in colors available for a limited time | Compassionate pricing | Designed in the USA



· Premium silky heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled up to 350F / 176C

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch


· Average size cap (will also accommodate average-petite when adjusted)
· Fringe: 5.5"
· Crown: 13"
· Nape: 15"
· Overall: 23"
· Weight: 6 oz.



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· CysterWigs wig liner provided for free

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



This is a color with cool undertones. This typically means that the undertones are pink, blue, purple, green, or grey. This can be a very subtle, subjective thing to determine. Because of this, we recommend checking out some of our other resources about undertone to determine which colors will look best for you. See our site's "color" menu (above) to learn more. This one is also safe for olive skin tones.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Triangle, Pear, Heart, Inverted Triangle



Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces



Take My Breath by The Weeknd



Pair with cool toned lilac highlighter on your cheekbones for an icy and etheral look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Likes: The romantic style
Color: Beautiful soft nuanced and universally flattering
Comfort and Fit:
Fit: Average
NPS score:
Romantic Curls in the Soft Nuanced color Moonlit Orchid-R

Danica is so pretty..low density romantic curls and no permatease. I love her in updos. I can just imagine this color and style as someones beautiful bridal hair. Moonlit Orchid-R is a nuanced and surprisingly soft muted lavender color. The root is a #8 which is a nice natural medium brown..not too dark. I love this color and wear it often. Imo it can be an ash blonde alternative. Since Danica is flat on top and I like a bit more volume I used my heat tools to get some natural lift and to train the bangs. She fits great and is so comfy. The fibers are my favorite. There is no shine and they do not tangle easily as many other HF brands do. I highly recommend Danica if you love long romantic styles that aren’t voluminous. 💜

Kathleen Ryan
Romantic Lilac Dream Hair

Danica is so gorgeous..I love her cascading romantic waves and soft curls. She has no permatease so fits close to the head. No volume on top. Even though she has no mono features the way her hair falls I don’t miss it. Her fit is true to average but she has plenty of wiggle room either way. I take in her nape adjusters and she fit my petite/average head quite nicely. I love these fibers they are HF so no shine and soft! Danica is a long wig and she doesn’t tangle. Very impressed with these fibers. I will probably give her some oomph on top with my heat styling tools and shorten her to my liking but had to show this color off in all its long glory. My attached pics were taken in natural light ( to show off this color) with just a fluff and a comb through with a wide tooth comb. I have been eyeing Moonlit Orchid-R for awhile. It’s a muted lilac with a very believable medium brown root. The color is very nuanced not just one color. So pretty. I can imagine this as beautiful wedding hair..I can’t say enough about Danica or this color Moonlit Orchid-R I highly recommend her and HairKittyKitty. Their customer service and shipping were excellent and fast. 👏🏻👏🏻💜👍🏻

Kelly Stoffer
Daring in denim!

Danica in faded denim is such a great color! This color and cut look at natural in the board room as it does hiking along the shore. Very versatile! She is elegant with a dress and a workhorse (and cool) in the garden.
Danica has no permatease and a basic cap. Fits generously on a bigger head but not too big. The length and curls and fabulous. A little fluffing or hot air brush on the top will lift the top just enough to keep it from being too flat. Love this style and color.

Lynn Towne
I ❤️Danica!

Soft natural looking fiber, perfect density. Love the super soft shade, moonlight orchid, comfy cap,soft pretty curl pattern.