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Reserve your sold-out Willow or Leighton today and save 35%-Hair Kitty Kitty Official Blog-HairKittyKitty

Reserve your sold-out Willow or Leighton today and save 35%

Hi there, Wig Lovers!

Presales are available now for a limited time. Save 35% with code PS35!

We've received over 40 requests for our sold-out Leighton in Queen of the Night-R and almost 30 request (so far) for Willow in Cocoa Swirl-R. Due to this high demand, we're happy to offer you the opportunity to reserve yours from the next batch...while you can!

Production has slowed down all over the globe for consumer goods, including wigs, in our Covid world. Our brands are still in their baby stages and we do not have the money or flexibility to offer continuous refills of our most popular products when they sell out. This is why we've decided to try crowd sourcing the production of the refills our customers request the most -- and we're willing to offer you a juicy discount in exchange for you helping us get these into production faster.


Some important notes about this presale:

  • This is a pre-production presale. These wigs are not being made yet and will not be ordered if we do not meet our minimum sales requirement to place the orders.
  • We've set the sales target to help ensure success of the fund raising campaign.
  • Payment will be accepted up front. The presale funds will pay for these wigs to be produced (crowd sourcing).
  • Funds are being set aside specifically for these specific products and will not be mixed into our business operations budget.
  • You will be issued a full refund to your original payment method if the minimum order requirement target isn't met in the timeline of the presale period.
  • The production window is currently 5 - 6 months. If we make the presale target we hope to have these to you by Fall 2022.
  • We have done similar presales in the past for limited addition items. People always get their products -- and usually ask us to do this again!
  • Estimated times of delivery are just estimates. Please do not expect delivery by a specific date. This pandemic has greatly impacted the global supply chain and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • Regular return policies apply. The return window will not begin until tracking indicates that the wig has arrived at your location, even if that is several months from now.
  • Please see our store policies for more information about presales.

You may be thinking: "I really want one of these, but I'd rather wait until they're back in stock." We need to be real with you: you will be waiting a while.

A big reason why we decided to open this up for presale is because the chances of us being able to do this alone before the end of the year (2022) are virtually nil.

We have a full warehouse of inventory at this time and we have to sell some of it before we can tie up more of our assets with further production. On top of that, and as mentioned above, the production timeline takes a while. If you're calculating the timeline in your head, then you probably realized that without a presale we may not have refills of these items until mid-2023.

We are a very small, independent wig brand in a space dominated by large multi-national conglomerates. The "Big Boys" can barely keep up with demand for their refills. As a vulnerable new small brand, we had to think outside the box to innovate a solution that might bring these to you faster. We may consider offering this for more of our sold out items based on how well these campaigns perform.

We want to jump start that process with your help. Rather than waiting until 2023 and paying full price, reserve your Willow or Leighton today and save 35% with code PS35!

Click HERE to reserve your limited edition Leighton in Queen of the Night-R

Click HERE to reserve your limited edition Willow in Cocoa Swirl-R

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